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Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. popularly known as Muhammad Ali was given birth to in the year 1942 17th Jan. He took boxing as his professional career, a career that started at a very tender age. The American is regarded as one of the most outstanding performer in the history of the boxing federation.

Aside from his popularity been increased as a result of his boxing prowess, he also showed other virtues in upholding proper religion and fight against racism. In regards to his achievement during his active years, he is now regarded among the top sportsman in the last century. His stunning career that began at the age of 12 got the perfect record a decade later after he conquered the world heavyweight championship and became the holder.

After Ali success in becoming the world heavyweight champion, he soon decided to join the Islamic religion and for this reason when the war came he refused to partake in it except he was directed by Allah. His refusal prompted his arrest and withdrawal of all his titles for almost half a decade. He was later found innocent but by this time he has already crossed his prime.

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Nevertheless, his believes made him very popular and made him an iconic figure among others. Till date, Ali still remains the greatest boxer that has ever graced the sport winning three time lineal world heavyweight champion in the process. His openness and free spirit towards issues outside the sport proved to be influential and important as well, as he showed and lead the way for blacks to live freely with the whites without provoking racial war.

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  • American

Date of Birth

  • 17th Jan 1942

Place of Birth

  • Louisville, Kentucky


  • 78 (Deceased)


  • Professional Boxer


  • 107 kg


  • 191 cm

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  • Lonnie Ali
  • Khalilah Ali
  • Veronica Porsche Ali
  • Sonji Roi

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