List of Most Known Fashion Brands Under ‘Fake Attack’

A lot of people buy counterfeit products willingly or unwillingly just to avoid insanely high price tags but they do not understand the consequences they might get by doing so from health issues to easily tearable materials. Every popular brand gets counterfeited from Nike to Tiffany but if you know how to tell fake and authentic products apart then you will not get caught in a trap of counterfeiters.

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Most Searched ‘Faked’ Fashion Brands

1. Gucci


It might not surprise many that Gucci is one of the most searched counterfeited brands. Let alone on TikTok, Gucci is the most counterfeited and searched luxury brand with more than 13.6 million hashtag views and more specifically Gucci belts and bags turn out to be the most faked products on the platform. According to the report done by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the number of searches for fake Gucci products is 87,600.

2. Rolex


Rolex is the most desirable brand when it comes to counterfeited products, therefore it is most commonly searched for. Last year the number of times Rolex was searched for is 228,000. The reason behind it might be the fact that Rolex watches are high-quality, super durable, and very desirable but the prices are not affordable for everyone, that is why some people choose to buy fake Rolex watches.

3. Louis Vuitton


You can find a piece done by Louis Vuitton for anyone no matter gender or age that is why the brand is loved by all. Louis Vuitton clothes, bags, and accessories are popular all around the world which is why the number of searches for the brand last year was 118,000, coming in second after Rolex. Even though Louis Vuitton has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to counterfeiting their products, some people still manage to do it, but the unlucky ones face the consequences too. For example, last year in August, the police in Shanghai took 62 criminal gangs into custody for manufacturing and selling counterfeit LV products.

4. Yeezy


Yeezy sneakers are known for their comfortability and awesome design which makes the brand super popular. The main motive for people to buy counterfeit Yeezys might not be just the fact that they are expensive, but also in limited stock, which makes it harder even for the people willing to pay the original price for the authentic pair. These might be the most important reasons Yeezy comes in fourth with 37,200 searches in 2024.

5. Crocs


Some people do not understand the hype about Crocs, but it is as clear as day that the comfortability and colorfulness of the shoes are liked by all generations. This explains the fact that counterfeited Crocs products were searched for 25,200 times last year.

The Dangers of Counterfeit Brand

Some people might think that the only negative aspect of buying fake goods is a flawed design, which is wrong. You might think that you are saving money by spending less, but the materials used in the production of counterfeit products are so low-quality that they can even cause harm to your health and your loved ones, especially when it comes to make-up and toys. Spending a little more for your safety is better than being sorry later. Fake goods also last less compared to authentic products, making the purchase irrational too.

Brand Protection Activities


Our beloved well-known brands have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to counterfeiting their goods which is reasonable, as their reputation gets damaged and they lose their sales as well. Brands always try to control the market and find culprits. Not only do they go to jail but also get fined millions of dollars. For example, in 2017 Louis Vuitton won a 23 million dollar lawsuit against Chinese retailers that were selling fake goods online. Counterfeiting is a serious crime and the criminals should be punished accordingly.

How to Protect Your Purchase

There are several ways you can spot counterfeit goods before even purchasing them.

1. Discounts


The main reason counterfeiters manage to sell their products so effectively is low prices. Luxurious brands rarely go on sale and if you happen to find a super good deal online, be careful, as you might be watching a fake model at the moment. We all love saving money and spending less, but when it comes to the branded products, discounts might be a big red flag.

2. Check the seller

Always do some research before paying thousands of dollars on a product. If the website does not look legit or the contact information is not available, then you might be dealing with counterfeiters. Reach out to them, ask questions, and place your order afterward.

3. Spelling mistakes


Observe the product well before purchasing it. If you find spelling and grammatical mistakes such as “Louis Vitton” instead of “Louis Vuitton” then it is as clear as day that you are dealing with the fake product.

4. Flawed logos

This gives away the replica almost immediately. Counterfeiters fail to copy the logos accurately which makes them appear distorted and flawed which is a major red flag.


As you can see, the popular brands get counterfeited very commonly, and even though they try to regulate this problem, the replica brands still manage to do it, but you do not have to worry a bit if you know how to tell fake and authentic goods apart or know a professional team that can help you out in authentication process.