What is the sweetest and cutest gift to choose for your beloved one? Of course – a piece of jewellery! And if it’s also in the shape of a heart – this is the perfect choice for a gift! Such a decoration won’t make any lady indifferent, and thereby you will demonstrate your reverent attitude towards her.

The assortment of such accessorise is very rich – it’s easy to get acquainted with it on the website of the Fjewellery store. In the online catalog you will find the most interesting and unusual models of heart style pendants made of elegant silver or classic gold, framed by a variety of precious gems .

But first, let’s find out a little more about these decorations.

At all times, people have sought to please and surprise their loved ones, showing them their sincere and strong feelings. And one way to express such feelings is to give your loved one an original and high-quality gift. So you show how important this person is to you, share positive emotions with him, strengthen relationships, and the gift will remain for a long time to remember. And our article will tell you what the rules for selecting jewelry should be observed when buying such works!

Eternal symbol of love


Even in the most ancient times, people used the symbol in the form of a heart to convey their tenderness and love towards a dear person. There are several legends about his emergence, and they are all associated with ancient Greek heroes and deities.

The lyre instrument, the music of which soothes and mesmerizes, was made in the shape of an inverted heart. Lyre-playing singers performed the most entrancing, beautiful and lyrical odes of love and beauty. There is also a very beautiful story about the musician Orpheus, who followed his beloved Eurydice into the kingdom of the dead. He so bewitched and amazed with his playing on the lyre of the gods of the underworld – Hades and Persephone, that they allowed the soul of Eurydice to leave their kingdom.

Another story is associated with ivy or a vine leaf – the personification of the god Dionysus.

The ivy image is very similar to the heart. It’s also considered a symbol of loyalty, inseparability and procreation. Wreaths made from this plant were often presented to newlyweds during the wedding ceremony.

The Greeks also liked to compare this symbol with the wings of the god of love and passion – Eros, the faithful companion of the beautiful Aphrodite. By the way, the image of the heart is often identified with the graceful forms of the body of the magnificent goddess of beauty.

The scholar Pierre Winken and the art historian Martin Kemp argued that the symbol originated in the writings of the Roman physician, surgeon and philosopher Galen and the famous philosopher Aristotle, who described the human heart as “having three chambers with a small dent in the middle.

According to this theory, the shape of the heart may have appeared when medieval artists and scientists tried to represent the heart according to descriptions of ancient medical texts. For example, in the 14th century, the Italian physicist Guido da Vigevano made a series of anatomical drawings of a heart that closely resembled the one described by Aristotle. Since the human heart has long been associated with emotion and pleasure, this form has been a symbol of romance and love since the Middle Ages.

Be that as it may, from the most ancient times to the present day, this symbol is considered the best sign to show your feelings to a loved one. That’s why jewellers from all over the world constantly use it to create the most delightful jewellery and heart pendants are the most popular among them.

In addition, by giving a heart-shaped jewelry piece you can romantically express your feelings for the person. Today, the heart symbol is considered one of the most popular motifs in contemporary jewelry, which most people associate with love and romance. Such a symbolic gift ornament with a heart without further ado will demonstrate the power of feelings and affection. It is a universal symbol – a declaration of love, a memorable value that will warm and revive precious memories.


The price for such accessorise vary greatly – they are determined by several main factors:

• type of metal;
• the presence of precious stones inserts, their type and size;
• the total weight of the decoration;
• form and style.

The most expensive pendants will be made of platinum or gold, inlaid with diamonds or emeralds. Silver items with topaz or cubic zirconia are inexpensive, but they also look very stylish and elegant. Although, it all depends on the store where you are going to make a purchase.

A huge selection of precious accessorise, affordable prices and the most comfortable delivery conditions are waiting for you in the Fjewellery online store! The site has a convenient search system, and each product is presented with several detailed photographs and a full description of all its characteristics. We’ll be happy to help you with the choice so that you buy the most ideal piece of jewellery for your girlfriend, without wasting a lot of time and nerves. To this day, the heart is considered a symbol of love, romance and Valentine’s Day. Money can’t buy feelings, but you can express them with an exquisite piece of jewelry.

Don’t forget to choose a beautiful package for your jewelry


Jewelry can be packaged in the traditional way – in a beautiful box, case or cloth baggie.

Such packaging is inexpensive, and its design can be very different.

When choosing a package, it is important to take into account:

• The method of fastening the jewelry. Although they are made of metal, jewelry is often very fragile. When transporting such a gift, it is desirable that it be securely fastened inside the package – so the risk of damage will be minimal.
• Type of items. Rings, earrings, bracelets, piercing, chains – all these jewelry items differ both in size and form. Their packaging should correspond to them.
• Practicality. Some variants of packaging are designed only for presentation, while others can be used in the future as an individual case. An important criterion for choosing is the appearance of the package, its general aesthetics. What is suitable for a gift for a business partner is not suitable for a close friend, and vice versa.