It’s 2024 and TikTik is more popular than ever with its 800 million users. Many folks are on TikTok, and some are yet to get there. Enthusiastic and driven, TikTok users have fun shooting cringy TikToks, comedy skits, and dance challenges almost 24/7.

But the question is do they really make money on TikTok? Or is it just fame and fans that influencers crave? With a bit of research and a smart tool under our belt, we know they could make money off TikTok.

Unlike YouTubers, TikTok creators do not monetize views, or apply for a Partnership Program since no such ways to earn money are available at this point. Then, who pays creators on TikTok? Apparently, it is followers donating digital gifts that can be turned into Diamonds and later cashed on PayPal, and brands.

For its growing audience of Gen Z, marketers often approach TikTok influencers to run hashtag challenges or mention the products they use. Because there are no set rates for partnership deals, how much a creator is charging per campaign or a single post is settled between influencers and brands.

How To Check Influencer Engagement and Earnings on TikTok?


Although brand sponsorships are negotiated individually, creators can charge according to the number of followers they have. Yet, for brands, it is engagement rate in the first place.

Engaged followers are more likely to buy products backed up by their favorite creators and recommend them to others.

To check how much money influencers make and their engagement rate we use TikTok calculators. The best calculators not only pop up the random number but explain where it comes from.

TikTok Money Calculator shows your profile engagement, estimated earnings, most liked, commented, and shared posts, and engagement rate for the last 50 posts.

This free tool is easy to use, ad-free and needs no downloads or installs. Once you type in a username, it finds your profile, calculates its engagement, and shows results.

Without further ado, let’s see how much money 25 most followed TikTok influencers make.

Most followed TikTok Accounts in the United States – Engagement and Earnings


Out of the top 50 most followed accounts on TikTok in 2024, 56% of creators are from the United States. Recent threats to ban the app seemingly had no impact on TikTok’s popularity in the U.S. We are sure you will see familiar faces.

1. Charli D’amelio 1213Following 107.6M Followers 8.6B Likes

Charlie may not follow the unwritten rules of fan engagement, but she is the star in her own right. Everything that you’ve learned on “popularity courses” proves to be useless.

Charli’s account has no bio, and almost never hashtags her videos, or even writes captions. Still, D’amelio fanship is growing: much as her TikTok engagement and earnings. She is the first and only creator on TikTok to ever cross the 100 million followers milestone as of 2024.

2. Addison Rae 2439Following 75.9M Followers 4.8B Likes


An American dancer and actress, Addison are in the top 3 most famous influencers on TikTok reaching 70+ million followers. In 2024, Forbes named Addison the highest-earning TikTok personality. From the insights from our TikTok calculator, you can see that she scores better on both profile and post engagement, and makes a fortune from a single sponsored post (or campaign).

3. Zach King 38Following 56M Followers 679.3M Likes

How could an LA-based filmmaker and illusionist beat Hollywood stars? Easily! King’s short-video career has started back on Vine. Once the viral video app was shut, Zack moved to TikTok. There his undeniable charisma, fun-loving character, and experience in short comedy skits found a place. “Bringing a little more wonder into the world, 15 seconds at a time,” says his bio.

4. Bella Poarch 577Following 55.2M Followers 1.1B Likes

Bella Poach is best known for hitting 46.3 million likes (!) on a single post in August 2024 (which is the #1 most liked video on TikTok). A viral lip-sync video featuring popular “Soph Aspin Send” by Millie B. Haters could blame teen foolishness for Bella’s fame, but it is rather a character that gets her noticed. Below, we’ve checked her TikTok engagement and earnings with our smart tool.

5. Spencer Polanco Knight 7228 Following 51.2M Followers 1.2B Likes


American beatboxer and TikTok influencer, Spenser is best known for his original sounds, tracks, and comedic sketches. Besides TikTok career, Spenser has successful collaborations with Alicia Keys, Marshmello, and Sean Kingston. He toured with bands, rappers, and singers, and runs a YouTube channel on beatbox challenges and tuts. As is seen from TikTok money calculator results, lower profile engagement does not result in lower TikTok engagement and earnings.

6. Loren Gray 205 Following 51.1M Followers 2.7B Likes

Even if you are totally new to TikTok a couple of searches for popular creators on TikTok brings up Loren Gray. An 18-year-old American pop singer who signed her first contract with Virgin Records, Loren wastes no time rocking the app. And she sure makes a lot of money off TikTok with such a good engagement rate.

7. Dixie D’Amelio 1073 Following 48.5M Followers 2.8B Likes

When one sister goes above and beyond to conquer the universe, there is no choice left for her sister but to get famous as well. So, the Dixie does. Yet, she says “she is kidding and is bored”.

Her TikTok engagement and earnings, however, tell a story that is anything but boring.Her profile engagement is one of the highest on our top-earning TikTok influencers list.

8. Will Smith 22 Following 47.6M Followers 270.2M Likes


One thing Will Smith does is proving a success in one field should not stop them from getting onto the next big thing – TikTok. A Hollywood star, rapper, producer, four Grammy Awards winner, in his 50s Smith aces the “all-teen” universe. And frankly, we feel he is worth more than the fee from sponsored posts. Do you?

9. Michael Le 91Following 44.3M Followers 1.2B Likes

A 20-year-old TikTok influencer known as @justmaiko, is dancing his head off, and for good reason. Maiko has two of his videos on TikTok among the top 10 most liked videos on Tiktok as of 2024 averaging 50 million likes on just two posts. Is that a question why his influencer engagement and earnings are equal to the queeny of TikTok, Loren Gray?

10. Jason Derulo 20 Following 42.8M Followers 975.4M Likes

Known for his double-Platinum hit, “Whatcha Say,” Jason is not just another pop singer but a TikTok creator with over 40 million followers and close to 1 billion likes. He may not get any of his posts in the top 20 most liked videos on TikTok, but he is in the top 25 highest paid TikTok influencers. Look at his TikTok engagement and earnings.

11. Brent Rivera 254Following 36.1MFollowers 1.2BLikes

The whole “Brent” thing revolves around his following. “It’s you? I’m dm’ing new followers on Instagram right now,” says his TikTok bio, and we are sure this 23-year-old does as he says. One of the most successful YouTubers, ex-Viner Brent is cashing on partnership deals. See what TikTok money calculator reveals about his TikTok engagement and earnings.

12. BabyAriel 298Following 35.3MFollowers 1.9BLikes


Singer and content creator, Ariel Rebecca Martin, or Baby Ariel as we know her was named as one of the most influential people on the Internet by Time magazine in 2017. Not surprisingly a popular creator on Musically and later on TikTok makes enough money for endorsing brands.

13. James Charles 142Following 34.6MFollowers 816.9MLikes

A talented makeup artist, James Charles has risen to fame through his Instagram account with over 25 million followers. He is also the second TikTok influencer on this list (together with Dixie D’Amelio) who has a high profile engagement rate of 10.6% and 19% engagement rate for the last 50 posts.

14. JoJo Siwa 346Following 31.9MFollowers 1.1BLikes

The ultimate fun girl, 17-year-old Siwa is one of the most loved social media characters on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. She is best known for her comedy skits, vlogs, Q&As, and dance challenges. American dancer, singer, and actress, Joelle Joanie Siwa(!) supposedly gets up to $27.6k from sponsorships.

15. Avani Gregg 5019Following 31MFollowers 2.2BLikes


From the TikTok calculator results, it is clear that Avani is the queen of contracts, who knows how to keep viewers engaged with her content despite a relatively low profile engagement rate. She is the first and only influencer on this list with a 24% TikTok engagement rate, and her fees are down-to-earth:) Her TikTok engagement and earnings match her “earthly” name and “girl-next-door” character.

16. The Rock 1Following 32.1MFollowers 173.3MLikes

The Rock needs no introduction, so we won’t blab about this Hollywood star. Just know, his charisma makes money out of thin air. He has the highest-profile engagement rate.

17. Chase Hudson 8736Following 29.7MFollowers 1.5BLikes

A member of the collaborative TikTok group Hype House alongside Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae, Chase’s 30 million followers prove his entertaining and lip-syncing talent. Want to reach him for a sponsored post? Be ready to spend 15k on such a campaign.

18. Stokes Twins 20Following 29.4MFollowers 760.4MLikes

Following TikTok’s “twin thing” when nearly all twin videos went viral, Stokes Twins came up with a ton of original content featuring pranks, lip-sync, and dance challenges. Here are the estimates for their TikTok engagement and earnings brought by the TikTok calculator.

Popular TikTok Creators in India – Influencer Earnings and Engagement


It’s no secret that India comes first (and the U.S second) by the number of TikTok users. Yet, according to stats, there are twice as fewer influencers in India than it is in the U.S. We can’t skip but pinpoint talented Indian creators and their TikTok engagement and earnings to make this list complete.

19. Riyaz Aly 43Following 43.9MFollowers 2.1BLikes

From his @riyaz.14 username, it becomes clear this smart teen has seen a meteoric rise to stardom in just 3 years. Nation’s favorite, 17-year-old Riyaz is one of India’s highest-paid influencers. Well, seeing his TikTok engagement and earnings we know why brands are willing to pay, right?

20. Faisal Shaikh 83Following 32.2MFollowers 2BLikes

One of the most followed Indian influencers, Faisal amassed over 50 million fans across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube since his debut in November 2015. Today in his 20s, Faisal supposedly racks up to $30k per sponsored campaign from Tiktok alone.

21. Arishfa Khan 27Following 28.6MFollowers 1.1BLikes

India’s #1 female influencer, Arishfa is a model and actress with a memorable beauty and fun-loving character. While her TikTok engagement and earnings may not be impressive, her likes and followers count is.

22. Jannat Zubair Rahmani 6Following 28.2MFollowers 745.6MLikes

Movie and TV actress since the age of 10, Jannat never stops entertaining her fans. Be it Instagram (23.6 mln fans), YouTube (2.8 mln fans), or TikTok (28.2 mln fans), she knows how to keep her viewers engaged making the brands cough up to $20k for sponsorships.

Famous influencers on TikTok Worldwide – Estimated Engagement and Earnings


Despite the U.S. and India being the top two countries with the highest shares of TikTok influencers, creators from Mexico, Turkey, and Aruba (an island in the mid-south of the Caribbean Sea) get a sweet spot on this top 25 most followed accounts list. In case you want to know what are some other countries with the most influencers, we’ve got the stats for you.

23. Kimberly Loaiza 121Following 35.8MFollowers 1.9BLikes

This lively 23-year-old is a Mexican YouTuber, influencer, and singer and one of the most followed TikTok accounts. She is one of the most followed Spanish-speaking TikTok influencers with an estimated engagement and earnings of 18% and $20k+ accordingly.

24. Burak Özdemir 1Following 33.7MFollowers 615MLikes

With 2.8% of TikTok influencers living in Turkey, it comes as no surprise that world’s famous chief Burak is somewhat of TikTok royalty. After all, his 40-inch kebab has gained 17 million followers traction on Instagram. With the average engagement rate of 7.7% Burak’s sponsorship deals could average at $15k per campaign or more.

25. Gilmher Croes 444Following 31.5MFollowers 780MLikes

It may seem that an island amidst Caribbean Sea, with an exotic name Aruba has no place on this most followed TikTok accounts list. But, how could Gilmer, the Best Male Award winner of the Aruba’s Short Film Festival 2015 miss on his short comedic posts? And he didn’t. 2 million YouTube and Instagram fans, and 30+ million fans on TikTok is a formidable power to command. Undeniably, brands have to pay big bucks for lucrative partnerships with Gil. TikTok money calculator estimates his TikTok engagement and earnings as one of the top 25 highest paid influencers outside the United States.

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