There are a plethora of ways on how to monetize your jet ski. Well, owning a watercraft of your choice is worth a living. However, before moving into business, you must know that putting up a part-time or full-time jet ski business requires several things.

You must be able to know your local rules properly. Also, you need to apply for insurance to cover any possible accidents. You have to do some safety briefing and ready some consent waiver to protect yourself in case someone files any sort of complaint.

To sum it all up, you need to take extra care of your business and your customers to keep yourself intact while looking for ways to monetize your jet ski. Let us take a look at the various activities you may want to try to earn some extra dollars.

Jet Ski for Rent


One of the best ways to make some money out of your jet ski is to put it up for rent. As much as possible you would want to avoid your jet ski from getting rustic without use. Of course, there will be a couple of times where you would want to ride your jet ski but somehow, you’ll get bored with riding and opt for rest.

The best way to make your time worth it is to take your jetski out from your jetty pontoon cubes and have someone rent it for an hour or two. Jetty pontoon cubes from Hisea Dock are a great way to give more value to your jetski because they serve as an accessway or docking area.

This way you can take a rest while getting paid. I’m pretty sure that renting out your jet ski can help you get by especially during this time of the global pandemic.

Would you ever say no to some extra cash?. I bet you wouldn’t. Have your jet ski up for rent and earn that hundred bucks while resting.

Dollar for a Ride


There are instances when people lack experience in riding a jet ski and may opt for someone to operate it for them. Not to mention kids who are incapable of maneuvering through the waters with the jetty. For this case, you can have someone to pay you as their driver for a certain period.

You not only provided service, earned a hefty sum, but you also made someone take interest in maneuvering through the waters. Being a jetty driver means taking extra care of your passenger by focusing on their safety and comfort throughout the experience.

You can even have a small food stall near your jet ski loading area where you sell foods stored in flexible packaging. These will surely complement your hustle because they can easily be placed in pockets when riding a jet ski.

Teach Them How


For some reason, people are drawn to buying things they are unsure of how to operate on their own and might need guidance from professionals who have done it already. Another way to monetize your jet ski is by demonstrating to new jet ski owners the how’s behind riding it.

There are a plethora of things that must be learned when operating a jet ski. Well, aside from pushing the button, pulling the throttle, and riding it, new owners may need some guidance on certain situations that may arise whilst on the water.

You may earn an extra penny for teaching or imparting your knowledge on how to approach obstacles, dock, trail, and more.

Jet Ski Tube Rides


A day on a beach will mean having things to get done and have fun with. One best way to monetize your jet ski while enjoying yourself is by charging for banana boat tube rides. People often want to make their stay at the beach or lake worthwhile by experiencing extreme water sports. With that, you may opt to offer your service, make money by driving your ski, and initiating tube rides.

Before doing so, make sure that you have the right equipment prepared. You’ll be needing a banana boat of different sizes just to make sure if there are either adult or kid passengers. Of course, never forget a sturdy rope. You may also need some life jackets to ensure your passenger’s safety in the waters.

You can offer a 30-minute ride for different locations or levels. This way you can charge up a bit as the level of ride increases.

Guided Jet Ski Tours


Guided jet ski tours have become popular nowadays. People are paying tour guides who ride on a jet ski to guide them around the waterways in the area. Many people are new to tourist boating areas and would want extra knowledge about the less known waterways. You never know how knowing these things could come in handy in time.

You may opt to guide riders on their way to enjoy the beautiful scenery. You may also create classes where new jet ski owners get to have a tour with you around every tourist spot of the area. Collectively, these guided tours are meant to add up quickly by handling 3 to 5 riders for an hour or two around the waterways.

Buy and Sell


Jet ski owners are often practical when it comes to purchasing new gear or PWC. They would rather repair what they already have and sell them for a couple of bucks.

You just have to make sure that your jet ski is still in its optimal condition. This way you are not only recycling or trading, rather you are saving so much more to purchase another one that has been on your mind for quite some time.

Make sure that by selling your jet ski, you are not losing something instead you are selling to gain some profit margin. This way you can monetize your jet ski in a proper sense.



There are many other ways where you can monetize your jet ski. Owning a personal jet ski can not only bring you extra cash but also let you have some fun in this steaming summer. With everything that has been stated above, you may opt to do those simultaneously.

You can have your jet ski up for rent for an hour then have yourself booked as a rider for people who just want to experience riding or operating the watercraft. You may also have guided jet ski tours using tube rides to make it more fun and educational.

Alternatively, you can also put up a shop for repairs. You may also opt to just buy and sell jet skis from time to time while giving new owners a package of teaching them how to operate and troubleshoot particular situations.

With all that said, remember to be extra careful with the local rules and prioritize the safety of your passengers. Now, go and make that extra bucks.