Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


In young years, Mickey Rourke was a matinee idol and women were swoon over by his handsomely looks. He was amazing in charming women and we think he has the same aura even today. If something has changed, its only his face due to plastic surgery. Unfortunately, because of his passion to professional boxing, he got his face hit many times and this might have decreased the elasticity in the face.

Well, damage was done and it is now repaired with plastic surgery. Mickey through the years has made a lot of news because of his changing noses. Again, it didn’t end only with nose job. He has taken countless facelifts, facial fillers, botox treatments, and eyelid reconstructions to appear better.

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mickey rourke plastic surgery

The cute nose, boyish eyes and flawless complexion on the face is now changed to rounded nose with old pair of eyes. The face looks tired, stretched and out of proportion. The enchanting smile is still there but the cheekbones are slightly lower which makes it look bit creepy. Mickey Rourke started as a professional boxer and then became actor. His career during the mid years went into downhill similar to what happened to his face.

After getting plastic surgery, he lost his originality and popularity at the same time. The fans were unable to get that previous charm from the new movies. When the rumors about plastic surgery spread like a wildfire, it affected his career in a bad way. At one point, he became a bizarre looking celebrity that he later tried to fix with many surgeries.

mickey rourke facelift

Mickey keeps a clean-shaven look and it reveals a lot about the changes done on the face. He wears thick glasses to cover his eyes but photographers have found a way to take photos without them. These photos are the evidence to know about the various plastic surgery treatments taken by Mickey to make a comeback in Hollywood.

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