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Michael Jordan was given birth to in the year 1963 Feb 17TH. The popular basketball player has seen his name written into history folklore. He is called by many with his initials “MJ”. Michael isn’t just restricted to basketball alone but he is also involved as a businessman.

He played the game (Basketball) for a decade and a half for both Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. With the aid of Michael’s unbelievable achievements in the basket, he made the game become more popular and he is regarded as the greatest the game has ever witnessed.

Michael’s career peaked from the ’80s and lasted till the ’90s. He began his formal career with the University of North Carolina and played for three seasons with the team before moving on to join Chicago Bulls where he enjoyed a successful career and was renowned for his “Slam Dunks” (Air Jordan).

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He propelled his team to various successes and his individual accomplishments and accolades still remain the best the game has seen any individual gained in the course of their career. According to BBall World, this was all achieved due to hours and hours spent in the gym and on the court, practicing. He came out of retirement on two occasions and set more records in the games with some yet to be broken.

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He is well remembered for his endorsements also and aided the high sale of Nike Air Jordan Sneakers. The footwear which first came into the market in the year 1985 has since then remained popular in the market and still makes sales to date. He has also starred in the movie “Space Jam” in the mid-’90s. Michael was involved with Charlotte Bobcats as a part owner in the year 2006 and in recent times, he is regarded as the number one Billionaire the sport (NBA) has ever seen. Michael Jordan is considered the best play ever in basketball and no wonder many look up to him. Young players buy posters and amazing Michael Jordan Canvas to decorate their room and remind them to be the best. Such posters can be found at musaartgallery

Michael Jordan Age and Nationality

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Birth Name

  • Michael Jordan


  • MJ, Air Jordan, His Airness

Date of birth

  • 1963 February 17TH


  • Aquarius

Place of Birth

  • Brooklyn, New york (United States)


  • United State of America

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How Tall is Michael Jordan – Michael Jordan Height, Weight, Age and Full Body Measurement

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Body Build Type

  • Athlete

Height Measurement

  • 198 cm

Weight Measurement

  • 98 kg

Body Measurements

  • Hand length – 24 cm
  • Wingspan – 212 cm

Shoe Measurement

  • 13 (US) / 47 (EU)

Hair Type

  • Bald

Eye Tint

  • Dark Brown


  • Straight

Educational Background

  • Emsley A.Laney High School in Wilmington, North Carolina
  • North Carolina College


  • James R Jordan Sr. (Father)
  • Deloris (Mother)


  • Black Skin


  • Roman Catholic


  • Former Basketball Player


  • Juanita Vanoy (Married September 1989 – Divorced 2006 Dec 29)
  • Yvietto Prieto (Married 27TH April 2013)