Like many other young actors, rumors are churning out on Megan Fox. Some of these rumors buzz about her dead end career and others about changes in her face. Megan fox has taken the road towards plastic surgery. For now, we can see changes in her lips and cheeks.

Megan Fox was born in Tennessee. At the age 5, she started taking acting and modeling classes in Florida. Megan Fox appeared in popular movies such as Transformers trilogy and Jennifer’s body. Her fame skyrocketed almost overnight. From then people have been following her carefully to get news of her.  Megan Fox is one of the young celebrities who got plastic surgery to change the appearance. She got her lips changed at the age of 25.

Many fans were upset because they considered that Megan got a bad face because of plastic surgery. However, Megan has denied about the changes in her facial features to all interviewers and press. The body of Megan is same as before. There are no signs of augmentation. However, in future she can get boob job to enhance her burst size.

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Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

megan fox plastic surgery

The rumors about Megan Fox arose because of her recent photos that show smooth and flawless face. This could be the result of using injections on her face to eliminate lines and wrinkles. Her lips and cheeks are supposedly injected with Restylene or Botox injections.

There are also rumors about the breast augmentation and liposuction. But because there are no visible changes in her breasts, we can’t confirm she had a boob job. On the Face book page, she posted a number of photos of her. These photos show us the new look of Megan fox that have smooth face without any natural spots or wrinkles. Some of the pictures have raised eyebrows.

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megan fox braces

Of all of the plastic surgery allegations that have been leveled against Megan Fox, there is one that seems to be quite shocking. Megan Fox obviously worked on her teeth because when she was growing up she she had crooked set of teeth and had to wear braces but following her rise in Hollywood, she obviously must have visited a dentist and it is quite likely that she had dental veneers.

Looking at more recent photos of Megan Fox’s teeth, her teeth now sparkles and shines unlike when she was still growing up. She also has a healthy gum line with all her teeth now properly arranged. In addition, some fans and also the entire public shares the same thought and that is Megan Fox’s transformation happened quite quickly and the same can be said of her popularity.

Even after three kids, Megan Fox still has that figure that every man would want to die to have and every woman would kill for. Her legs seems like it added some fat so it is safe to think that she probably had a tummy tuck and liposuction just to remain in shape. It is also true that the actress does a lot of exercising and dieting.