Madonna Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


Madonna looks young as if she is in her 20s or 30s. Actually, Madonna is in her 50’s exhibiting miraculous physical attributes. Can she be the immortal black witch or the vampire? Or it simply has something to do with plastic surgery?  Well, vampires are yet to be discovered so let’s go with the second one. Madonna with marvelous body doesn’t seem to age anymore. She must have used a lot of fat injections and conditioning treatments to be this beautiful in the looks.

The plastic surgery she has done on her face is not as effective as Rihanna or Debby Brown. The changes on Madonna’s face can be easily identified by making comparison of photos. In 2007 when Madonna walked to receive the Grammy Award, she shocked audiences with her refreshing look. This led to series of speculations about Facial Cosmetic Surgery, and Botox injections.

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madonna plastic surgery

Only a year ago she had few lines reappearing on her forehead regions. Also, the skin at the jaw line was looser. These are natural signs of aging. Madonna might redo the surgery again or get a treatment such as Mini Facelift to tighten the muscles and remove saggy skin. By comparing, the skin on the hands with the face on can know that she has aged. The lack of wrinkles on the feet, near eyes and fore head indicates Restylane injections.

After Madonna got Botox on her face, it has become smooth and wrinkle free. Hollywood singer had a new Laser Treatment called as Fractional Resurfacing. Its main function is to tighten the skin, removes the wrinkles, which results great skin with no sunspots. Madonna is considered as the highest earning singer in the world. Her new refreshing look includes Rhinoplasty or Nose Job. She is accused of slimming her nose during 1990.

madonna facelift

Along with nose job, laser treatments and mini facelift she is also linked with Breast Augmentation. Madonna has grown a cup size by using breast implants in 2006. She is busty because of the use of Chicken cutlets and Push up Bras.

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