Soccer fans are spoiled. They have a lot of opportunities for betting. The calendar of soccer events is filled with national and international tournaments.

When you pick a match to bet on, you should pay attention to 100betz. This is a brief guide to walk through the basics of the soccer betting markets.

Soccer Odds: How to Read Them Correctly

Before you start placing bets, you should have a clear understanding of how to read the odds for each wager. The odds will determine the risk of placing a bet and predict an outcome. Spotting value in the odds is an absolute must.

Odds indicate the possible outcome. Very likely outcomes come up with lower odds, while less likely outcomes have higher odds. This doesn’t make sense to you. But it does make sense to a bookmaker. Let’s see what format of bet suits you most.

1. American odds (Plus/Minus)


Odds are offered in plus/minus format, known as “American odds.” Here are the details:

Plus odds

If a plus sign stands in front of the number, it increases the value of every $100 bet. For example, if the odd is +120, you can bet $100 on the outcome. If it turns out to be successful, you can win $120 in addition to your initial $100 stake. The total winning will make up $220. You can make smaller bets like $10 at +120 odds and win $12.

Minus odds

If a minus sign stands in front of the number, you will experience an opposite to the plus odds effect. To win $100, you should bet the number shown after the minus “–” sign. For example, if the odds are -120, you can bet $120 to win $100 upon a successful outcome. Please mind that the odds are scalable, which means that a $12 bet at -120 odds will earn you $10 in addition to your initial stake).

2. Slash odds

Slash odds are less known worldwide. They are mainly used in the United States and the United Kingdom. They serve as a fractional display that applies a concept similar to American odds.

Using the slash method, the odds appear as a fraction. When looking at the numerator, you can always check the winning amount. In the denominator, you can see the corresponding bet. For example, the odds look like 9/ where a $2 bet can lead to a $9 win.

3. Decimal odds


Odds can be listed in a decimal format up to two decimal points. With decimal odds, the number revealed is the total amount obtained on a $1 bet, with one twist. Compared to the other formats, this number reflects the return of the original stake. A positive $1 bet at 2.00 odds brings $2 back. A positive $1bet at 2.50 odds brings $2.50 back. The more money you put at stake, the more money you can get by the end of a betting routine.

Converting between odds

If you consider converting from one odds format to another, you should check how to do it. If you need to do a switch for some reason, you should remember one thing – all odds happen to be nothing but fractions.

If you are interested in plus American odds, you should move from the number standing above 100. For example, odds of +120 actually mean 120/100. You can make the fraction simpler to get slash odds of 6/5. Then, you need to convert the fraction to a decimal (1.20) and put “1” in the decimal odds of 2.20.

  • American odds: +120
  • Slash odds: 120/100 (6/5 in a simple format)
  • Decimal odds: The 6/5 includes “6” divided by “5” which makes up 1.20. A “1” is going to be added to the final odds of 0.20.

The same thing works for a minus format. If you flip the fraction, it will take the look of 100/120. Then, you will make the fraction simpler to get slash odds of 5/6. In the end, you will convert the fraction to a decimal (0.83) and put “1” in the decimal odds of 1.83.

  • American odds: -120
  • Slash odds: 100/120 (5/6 in a simple format)
  • Decimal odds: The 5/6 includes”5″ divided by “6” which makes up 0.83. A “1” is going to be added to the final odds of 1.83.

Do you want to start the conversion in a different way, from decimal odds to another format? Then, you shouldn’t forget to remove “1” from the decimal odds before the actual conversion. Just don’t forget that the decimal odds consist of the original stake compared to others.

The other nuances of live soccer betting matter no less than the odds. You should check the types of bets and betting strategies before going any further. Please mind that the final bet includes many aspects.



The organizer of the gambling is a legal entity engaged in the organization and conduct of gambling on the basis of a state license.

Paris is a gambling game, in which the outcome depends on the event, which is unknown about whether it will come or not.

The rate (interactive) is the amount of the money that the player transfers (using electronic tools) to the betting organizer on the terms stipulated by the rules of the game.

Winning – cash or property funds to be paid to the participant of the gambling.

The bookmaker is an institution where the organizer of the gambling concludes a bet with their participants. A participant in the gambling (player) is an individual who has reached the age of 18 years, concluding an agreement on the risk of winning with the organizer of the bet or other participant.

The processing center of the BC is a part of the gambling institution in which the organizer conducts registration and processing of bets accepted from the participants, records the results, calculates the amounts of winnings to be paid, submit information about the accepted rates and about calculated winnings.