Her beauty has been very noticeable and she has been considered among one of the most beautiful actresses of all time. Her beauty has also transformed into a successful career and her recent look has provoked rumors that she has been involved with plastic surgery.

The actress that has been rumored to have undergone plastic surgery has given her view on the rumored plastic surgery. According to her “she said that looking her best without plastic surgery is good enough for her and that she finds it very difficult to have her appearance altered.

She later gave a different speech after putting it to bed. In an interview after childbirth, she was critical in her speech, explaining that the effect of childbirth isn’t nice and that it could force her to undergo plastics surgery.

Liv Rundgren Tyler Plastic Surgery

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Judging from her statement it seems she may have undergone plastic surgery at one time or another and that her involvement won’t be only about facial appearance but also on her entire body since childbirth completely changes the entire body shape including the breast which is a major part of it.

There are speculations that her plastic surgery that she has undergone involves not only tummy tuck, breast implantation, Botox or even facelift but also lip implants. However, there is no concrete evidence from her photos that shows any changes in that area. Liv Tyler at the age of 36 was one of Hollywood’s prettiest faces and a lot of fans have been eager to know the secret behind her beauty.

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They have been eager to know what she thinks about having plastic surgery done on the face and also to find out if even with such a beautiful face, she would still be interested in having plastic surgery done on her face.

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During one of her interviews, Liv Tyler publicly declared that she was never ever going to have plastic surgery but after pregnancy and childbirth, her thoughts regarding plastic surgery procedures took another turn.

Taking a good look at her before and after photos would certainly tell you that she has made quite some changes to her face but one thing is we are not yet clear on which of the surgeries she had done. So many fans believed she either tummy tuck surgery of liposuction because those we’re responsible for helping in maintaining a great shape.


However, one plastic surgery we might be sure of is lip augmentation. Recent pictures of Liv Tyler shows she must have made some changes to the shape of her lips as her beautiful lips is also one of her trademark features.

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In newer photos, she now seems to have fuller lips and plump lips suggesting that she must have had lip injections. This is however true as her lips now look more attractive than ever thanks to the lip fillers she used in both her lower and upper lips.

In addition, her skin also looks more flawless and without wrinkles as well as also stiff and rigid and fans suggest that it was possible due to the use of botox injections.

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