Teen idol and former Disney star Lindsay Lohan was one with a promising career when she was still considered to be a budding actress and taking you back to the 2000’s, she earned a lot of praises from her critics based on her acting skills depth which later earned her the name, the next “Jodie Foster”.

Just like Alicia Silverstone in the 1990’s and Molly Ringwald in the 1980’s, Lindsay Lohan had what it took to becoming the next movie queen but as she started becoming famous and with the paparazzi’s constantly eating into her personal life, her career began to fail.

There were remarks from critics which claimed that Lindsay Lohan was itching to becoming an adult which resulted in her shutting down every chance she had of making it big in the movie industry.

It came as a shock to her fans when she showed up in public one day looking totally different and her new looks was what gave birth to the Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery rumors while she was still in her mid twenties. Fast forward to her early thirties, critics claim the star is quite hard to recognize.


lindsay lohan plastic surgery

Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery transformation is one that has left a lot of people baffled and it is very evident that Lindsay Lohan has lost her teen appeal and matured definitely. This sort of change can leave anyone thinking if she truly settled for some plastic surgery changes. However, it seems like Lindsay Lohan is getting a lot of Botox on her face and specifically, we think that the former teen star must have had fillers on her forehead, cheeks and eye brows.

This might have a negative result if it is quite true because she is starting to look quite unnatural and inconsistent. Another Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery rumor which is being alleged with the star is a possible breast enlargement surgery but this claim might be hard to believe because while judging from her old and recent photos, it can actually be seen that the star has always had big boobs.

That leaves one thinking why the star would want to get a boob job when her natural boobs are already full.

lindsay lohan botox

The criticism on the internet have also been talking about her Lindsay Lohan’s nose as they also claim she must have had nose job but nose job or Rhinoplasty is a very common plastic surgery procedure in the entertainment industry.

Also this might not be a fact as her nose shape, bump and size while she was a child is still the same right now as an adult comparing between her old and recent photos. However, what we might try to believe is the possibility of getting lip filler injections.

Her lips right now looks to be fuller and thicker compared to before her rise to stardom in the industry and the high possibility of the use of Botox injections and now lip filler injections might be telling everyone that Lindsay Lohan might prefer needles to knives. What e actually think is Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery procedure might have to do more with anti-aging treatments.

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