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Linda Gray is famous for portraying as Sue Ellen Ewing in Dallas drama series. The episodes were played on CBS and were watched by millions of viewers. The latest news about Linda revealed that she has given her face under the knife to look younger than her age. She is now living her 79th year. The question lies if she had plastic surgery on her face.

Moreover, many of us want to know what types of plastic surgery did she go for. Plastic surgery rumors about Linda Gray first started swirling around when she made her public appearance in prime time soaps commercial. The TV ad shows completely different face of Linda that is beautiful and young than it should be. Due to this reason, many people began to speculate about the plastic surgery works done on her face.

The before and after pictures of Linda Gray show the signs of face fillers, facelift, blepharoplasty, Botox injections and facial fillers. Dr. Sherrill O Aston confirms the plastic surgery rumors about Linda Gray. She says that plastic surgery of Linda is one among the usual case of Hollywood celebrities who get facelift surgery and blepharoplasty procedures to aid the aging the process.


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Linda Gray has also changed the lower eyelid region and made it more refined to suit the skin texture.  So it is no wonder why her face looks so flawless and smooth without wrinkles or marks. Other than these cosmetic surgeries, the plastic surgeons added that she could have used Botox injections to complement her previous surgeries.

Dr. Paul Anderson has a different opinion on Linda Gray plastic surgery. He believes that Linda has not used any Botox treatments on her face.  Dr. John Nathan supports the same this and tells us that she has definitely done facelift surgery and blepharoplasty procedures. The photos also show a different look on her hairstyle. This can be the makeup but use of plastic surgery to refine the hairline is also possible.

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At 79, Linda Gray still looks like the envy of most women and has a very amazing and attractive look. When asked about her thoughts concerning the plastic surgery rumors that were flying all over the internet about her, she revealed that she has had plastic surgery procedures but highlighted that she did them just as an anti-ageing treatment. She agreed to having dermal injections, eyelid surgery and also a facelift procedure to fight off aging signs.

Asides from being blessed with a beautiful face and a beautiful skin, Linda Gray is also extremely skilled when it comes to her career and acting. All of these plastic surgery rumors about her started popping up when her fans and the public at large realized that even as she was starting to age, she kept on looking quite younger and beautiful. This totally suggested that she must have had some anti aging treatment using plastic surgery procedures.

All thanks to her surgeon who did a good job in making sure her plastic surgery procedures are not overdone.