The porn industry is considered to be one of the most developed in the world, and this is confirmed by the fact that its value has exceeded $100 billion. In other words, the adult industry holds 10% of the global market.

What does this tell us? It tells us that this is a very serious and developed industry from which we could learn something. Let’s see what!

Seize the technology


Adult Industry has taken the best of technology. If you take a closer look, you will notice that there are no more sex shops in the cities, and even if there are, they are a real rarity. Why? Precisely because this industry has taken advantage of modern technology and now sells online. See more on There is no more cost as it is to pay rent, bills, and workers who will work. This is, of course, a mutual benefit, because customers also feel more comfortable buying from the comfort of their home, without fear that someone will see them and think they are weird.

Pornography has not corrupted people, they have always been like that


Although it acts as something that should not be particularly highlighted, much of the conservatives are still convinced that pornography in some magical way corrupts people who lived lives full of chastity and purity before its arrival. But, as you probably assume, this is far from the truth.

Sadomasochism is named after the Marquis de Sade, but it is not the fruit of his mind. It’s not a particular discovery, but the practice of “hard sex” has always existed, and drawings from 470 BC show orgies, homosexuality, and gangbangs involving flogging. Zoophilia is as old as the human race, just like necrophilia, autoerotic asphyxia appears in 17th-century writings, tomato toe in the 13th century, and even sex with octopuses can be found as early as the 18th century.

Don’t assume you know anything about porn actresses


When you add sensationalism to disgust, prejudice, condemnation, and purity in the form of headlines like “The Dark Side of Pornography” or “Addiction to Pornography,” it’s no wonder many of us feel like it’s a perverted team full of lunatics, maniacs, and people who survived some trauma that forced them to a life of debauchery.

And although some of the actors fall into one of these categories, one has to come to terms with the fact that many see in this only a solidly paid job.

We live in a society that condemns sexually active women, whether they are involved in pornography or not, so it is not surprising that we have reactions to actresses that sometimes border on insanity, although in most cases it is an irritatingly patronizing approach that includes the assumption that they are poor, hurt and has been forced by someone to engage in this dirty business.

Namely, women engage in sex for various reasons. It can be love, pleasure, or money, and these reasons do not have to coincide with the heteronormative expectations of a society that presupposes absolute emotional and sexual monogamy.

Pornography changes the world


Before it became the standard in the household, VHS was a handy invention with big problems. VCRs were too expensive, and many saw VHS as a big threat because you could dub any movie on a blank tape, which led some to consider a ban as well.

The popularization of VHS was greatly aided by pornography, which by the end of the 1970s accounted for more than half of sales in the VHS market (over 80% in Germany). Before cassettes, you had to sit in adult cinemas, and these are not rooms where you want to spend too much time.

After the DVD appeared and was too expensive, it was the porn industry that kept it alive until the prices dropped drastically and today you can find them in shopping center baskets for 4-5 dollars.

Internet? If it weren’t for pornography many of us probably wouldn’t even turn on the computer except to check the results or go to Facebook to catch someone with whom they would try out what they saw in porn. Likewise, in the early days of the internet, only porn sites required you to pay for online content, and subscriptions, credit card verification systems, and online billing began and improved precisely thanks to porn sites.

VR technology? Be sure that you will not be forced to buy VR devices by games (which are not particularly impressive so far) but by pornography that puts you in the position of a porn actor. And even if you don’t buy the device just for porn, we’re pretty sure it will be one of the first things you’ll try.

The porn industry is full of racism


If Hollywood, run by the most liberal liberals in the liberal world, is tainted by racism (albeit the mildest form), rest assured that the problem exists in the porn industry as well.

Of course, the “shades of racism” are the most interesting. Although you would expect blacks to be the main fuel of this industry in combination with busty blondes, black actors and actresses are still at a disadvantage.

whites pay more if they fuck with blacks, white actors often refuse to appear in scenes with black actors, mixed-race actors present themselves as whites, interracial pornography is still a risky move because you could “let your fans down” but despite everything “interracial “is still one of the most sought-after terms. Why?

Because sex between races is seen as something shameful, unnatural, and abnormal, and therefore more depraved than “ordinary” pornography. And the dumber the country is about racism, The more research will show that “ebony & ivory” pornography is more popular.

The world without pornography would not be the same


The human desire to show sex has always existed. Erotic depictions existed even in caves when people drew them in various poses.

Pornography is not even advertised as educational content. But we live in a world of sexual ignorance, shame, and the internet. The easiest answer and the easiest place to see nudity is pornography. So, take the opportunity that comes your way and get the best out of everything around you!