Over time Lee Bo Young has become the talk of the media and this time its not about her career but the fact that her appearance seems to have been altered. The appearance smells of plastic surgery.

The likely altered parts in her appearance is likely to be her nose and eye area which is very different from how it appeared in her previous photos. This Is hardly any reason to believe that she has undergone plastic surgery given that her looks is very real and free from plastic surgery.

If not for her before and recent photos that were put to comparisons, it would have been very difficult to discover any plastic surgery effects on her appearance. It is better to compare both photos together to be able to discover the difference in appearance.

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Lee Bo Young Plastic Surgery


There are facts that she had minor surgical works done on her eye area. It is very visible from her photos. From her past photos, she possesses a typical small Korean eye but with the plastic surgery procedure done already, her eye now looks round and wide open.

Such involvement in plastic surgery is very common with Koreans as they born with smaller eyes width. She also had a nose job done. If you look at her before and after photos together it is quite obvious that her wide nose with a big nose tip has been reduced and made a lot better in terms of shape and positioning.

The nose looked a lot refined and good looking and has improved her facial appearance. Several individuals are well pleased with her plastic surgery involvement given that some other celebrities haven’t had the joy of witnessing a successful plastic surgery as she has done.


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Rhinoplasty is also known as Nose Job turned out to be another popular plastic surgery that consumed entire south Korea after eyelid surgery and there are lots of Korean celebrities who have had nose job procedures just to try improving their looks and appearance. Lee Bo Young is a Korean actress who recently has been rumored to have been under the knife to get her nose done also for the same reason on trying to enhance her looks.

These rumors started gaining momentum when pictures of the actress, while she was much younger, surfaced and when compared with her recent pictures, the changes were quite evident and glaring. Being famous requires you as a celebrity to keep looking good over and over again and we believe this feeling prompted celebrities like Lee Bo Young to go under the knife.

The only way to try and enhance a celebrity’s looks is through the use of plastic surgery and regarding Lee Bo Young’s plastic surgery procedures, the methods and results turned out to be great as her appearances look very much better compared to before. We are not trying to tell you plastic surgery is better than accepting the way you look but everyone has the right to make decisions that they feel would benefit them.

What are your thoughts concerning Lee Bo Young’s plastic surgery results?