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Overnight plastic surgery has become the priority of many celebrities. There is a wild believe that plastic surgery is the only way to enhance the natural beauty and also keep the competition alive among every other celebrities. For this reason, many celebrities have put in a lot financial power into plastic surgery to be able to get the best out of it. Plastic surgery has many different procedures. But in Hollywood the most practiced one of them all is the nose job.

In recent times, Laura Bundy has been hitting the headlines with her rumored plastic surgery involvement. And beyond no reasonable doubt, the actress appearance has changed overtime from when she first appeared on television. The most noticed area that has changed in her appearance is the nose and this was what leads to the speculation that she has undergone plastic surgery in that area.

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laura bell plastic surgery

Judging from her before and after photos, it is very clear that her previous picture portrays a large nose and when put into comparison with the present nose in her photo, it is a lot larger. Sometimes the change in a person’s nose can be as a result of increase in age or growing older. But in the case of Laura it doesn’t seem like the change was as a result of age. In fact it looked more refined now and slim. Hence it is totally a different nose from her past photos.

The actress is yet to give any information about her involvement in plastic surgery. Rather she has decided to keep quiet and concentrate more on her career. Her attitude towards the nose job is normal given that her public acknowledgement of using plastic surgery could hinder her career progress. But regardless of if she confirms it or not, her before and after photo is a clear prove of her nose job.

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There are lots of celebrities in the Hollywood industry that have been accused of undergoing plastic surgery because they consider it to be a secret weapon which would help in brightening their career. All of these allegations are based on enhancing facial and body parts so they can not only look different but also look better. They also go under the knife to try maintain their youthful looks.

Laura Bell plastic surgery rumors involves just a nose job as rumors spread round the internet that Laura Bell worked on her nose due to the evident drastic changes. However, all we can say right now is whatever procedure she did on her nose worked out great as her nose completely looks different and great too. It fits very well and also looks quite natural. However, a lot of people would not be able to recognize her based on her old looks.

However, her new looks is worth the stress as it would make her feel more confident when she appears in new movies and new series.