The world is really changing with the launch of new technologies. We all know how technology is dominating different industries and the automobile industry is one of them. It is the most adaptive industry as it embraces the new changes quite faster. We all know how the automobile industry is working to provide comfort and security to car owners. Well, this is not only limited to teenagers or adult drivers now.

Car manufacturers are also trying many ways to modify the cars in a way that they would be friendly to use for senior drivers. With these technologies, they can even stay longer in their cars and drive them without any fatigue. According to the report, the number of older drivers has increased drastically to 30 percent between 1997 and 2012.

Keeping this in mind, car manufacturers are trying to make their vehicles safer and better. Also, we have witnessed a surge in different driving assisting technologies in the past years. Many senior drivers are quite happy with the launch of these technologies. And, in this blog, we will discuss the car protection technologies that support the senior drivers to drive easily.

Latest Car Technologies that Support Senior Drivers

The latest car technologies that support senior drivers are as follows:

Emergency brake system


This system also uses different sensors to keep the track of vehicles and apply the emergency brake system whenever needed. These sensors sense the distance between cars and they are activated mostly in high speeding conditions. This advanced technology allows senior drivers to drive without freaking out. In case you are on a Dubai trip, you can opt-in for these latest cars from any professional Monthly Car Rental Dubai company.

Warning for lane departure

The lane departure warning systems are introduced to detect when you are going outside of your lane. The alarm sound will alert the driver or some advanced systems might be able to get the car back in the lane. This system works with the help of cameras and other sensors to identify border lanes. So, if the elder loses focus or has trouble seeing the lane the car will help to prevent leaving the lane.

Blind-spot monitoring


Sonar devices and cameras are used to detect if any obstacles are occupying the road. When the sensors detect the blind spot, the warning light turns on and alerts the driver.

Bicycle or pedestrian detection

That is the system specifically designed to detect pedestrians and bicycles on the way. It is because other sensors can’t detect these objects easily on the road. These sensors don’t only notify the driver but also take control of the wheels if needed.

Adjustable pedals for better positioning


Drivers may feel tired after driving for long hours. So, the new cars are equipped with adjustable pedals so that the driver can reposition themselves to the gas pedals and brake systems.

Automated parking

Urban drivers are fond of automated parking and it is done by cameras and range finder sensors. The descent algorithms behind all these systems help to park your car in a parallel way. This feature will allow senior drivers to park effectively even when there is less space.

Night vision system


This system is really crucial for elder people as their eyes are quite weak especially at nighttime. There are few cars with infrared cameras to detect objects such as animals or pedestrians that are even outside your range. So, if you are buying a car for your parents make sure that it has a night vision system installed in it.

Adaptive headlight system

The visibility of headlights can easily be improved by mounting them on power swivels. These are connected directly to the steering wheels to improve night vision. Whenever the car turns around the corners, the headlights swing to illuminate the surroundings and the way.

Avoidance and collision alert


The radars and other intelligent sensors are used to detect if the car is going to collide with others. The car will alert the driver or may take the car control to prevent the car collision. Mostly, this occurs when the car is at low speed and the driver has just a few seconds to control the situation. Low-speed collisions help drivers to drive easily in these tough conditions.

Back view and a 360-degree camera

This feature allows drivers to keep an eye on the cars that are around their driving zone. This feature will also come in handy when the older people can’t twist or move their bodies to check the blind or hidden spots. So with the rearview and 360-degree camera, it will be easier for people to back-up, park, or change lanes easily.

Comfort and convenience features


The new tech cars are equipped with comfort and convenience features to help older people to drive easily. These features don’t only provide ease and comfort but also provide the ultimate level of security to the senior drivers. The features like cooled power seats, adjustable pedals, etc. aids to reduce discomfort and tiredness.

Upcoming car technologies to support seniors


Here is the list of the upcoming technologies that will provide more convenience to senior drivers.

  • Multi-Faceted mirrors to eliminate blind spots
  • Customized armrests to support driver
  • Driver seat cushions
  • Gas pedal block to increase the height of the brake
  • Modified secondary controls (wiper, horn, headlights, etc.)
  • Pedal and seat belt extensions for safe driving
  • Modification of steering wheels
  • Driver upper body support for better posture

Final thoughts

We have discussed all the latest technologies that are used in cars to make them friendly to drive for old people. You can easily buy or rent these cars with the updated features. In case you are looking for a rental car, you should select RentalCarsUAE to get a weekly Rent a Car Dubai. This company is not only offering professional services but also the most commendable rates. Just book in advance and they will drop your car at your location without any additional charges.