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Lady Gaga in her appearance, especially her nose looks to have changed during recent years. Though some may argue that it is just the effects in her photos, there are valid explanations related to plastic surgery that can clearly prove the difference.  Laga Gaga shared the below photo a few days back after her rehearsal. Look at the changes in her nose that have become smaller and tipped. So what is the explanation for this?

Comparing the current photo with the older selfie it looks as if Lady Gaga has made her nose long and pointed. Before the nose was swollen and looked shorter. For some reason, Lady Gaga has chosen to have a long nose in the future. A friend of Lady Gaga has authored a book about her before and after fame. The book has included information about her drug use and plastic surgery. This gives us proof that Lady Gaga had done changes on her face using facial treatments.

Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery

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One of the plastic surgery procedures Lady Gaga has never accepted doing is a nose job and no matter what she says in order to defend herself, comparing pictures from her past and present always tends to contradict what she says. Lady Gaga’s attempt to make her nose beautiful has been worth the trial and rumor has it that suggestions were made for her to have a nose job done but she refused.

One way to find out if a nose job surgery is true is through comparing the layout of her nose back in the past and now and you would be able to tell of some noticeable changes in the singer’s nose. Another surgery procedure that Lady Gaga must have tried out according to fans in the use of facial injections.

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Lady Gaga sometimes ago also disclosed that she had a deep desire to try out facial injections on her face. One thing that the singer however agreed in doing is lip fillers and she stated she did this in a bid to help increase the size of her lips. However, she also went on to state that whatever injection that the surgeon used on her lips is no longer there. In addition, the singer also had a facelift on her face which has made her cheeks and her chin to have a stunning and amazing finish.

The information revealed by ex pal Brendan Jay Sullivan in the books Rivington Was Ours, Prime of our Lives, and The Lower East Side claims that Lady Gaga had a habit of doing lots of cocaine in her apartment. Sullivan also witnessed Lady Gaga brushing a white powder on her gums taken off from her carpe.

When asked she said that “It’s only mint, I wish I could do coke”. The star has been in the news for her drug use in the past. She claims that her depression brought the habit of using drugs in her life. Gaga says, “I was doing it along and it was my rule”.

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