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Kyle Richard’s face was a complete mess. Thanks to plastic surgery and her surgeon who have given her a good face. The liposuction, nose job, and eyebrow lift treatments have been extremely successful in the case of Kyle Richards. In the daily mail, Kyle Richards revealed that she had plastic surgery in the midsection and lips to enhance her body. She says, “I wanted to wear jeans and tuck in shirts”

After the nose job and liposuction the Real Housewives star Kyle Richards now looks celebrity like beautiful. She already has four children and had to battle against weight gain after pregnancy. She must have followed a strict diet plan and exercised regularly. Some even speculate that she starved a lot to lose her weight. But this could be simply nonsense as starving is not good for health or the figure.

Kyle Richards in her interview said “I started eating right and exercised regularly, I had to battle for keeping my weight checked. At one point in my life, I was overweight after the pregnancy. I bounced back after a lot of hard work”.

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kyle richards plastic surgery

In 2006, Kyle Richards opted for taking Rhinoplasty treatments. It worked well for her. Maybe she knows the right plastic surgeon for modifying her face. In US weekly she told that her nose was stretched and didn’t look good on her face. So she decided to change a bit to look better. Unlike many other celebrities, Kyle Richards is honest about telling the media about her plastic surgery treatments.

The before and after photos of Kyle Richards show changes in the breasts. Her breasts today are well shaped and even. She must have got her boobs stuffed with breast implants. Kyle had flat breasts before. She must have lost confidence to come in front of the camera with those small breasts. Finally she decided to get a boob job.

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kyle richards botox

After kyle richards plastic surgery experience, she still went some additional miles to make sure she sought any signs of aging that she was having. She revealed to life and style back in 2013 that she always had Botox treatments up to three times every year although she actually tries to keep it minimal. Based on an expert’s advice, Kyle Richards is following the right procedures and doing the right thing to ensure successful results.

Marisa Martino who is laser skin specialist in New York City and also co-owns SKINNEY Medspa also revealed that Kyle Richards is having Botox to help get rid of crow feet which is growing around her eyes region. This process could cost anywhere from six hundred to eight hundred dollars and the procedure can last from three months to five months.

Life and Style magazine also believe that Kyle Richards doesn’t make use of Botox just to get rid of crow feet from the eyes but taking a look at how lifted her brows are and how smooth her forehead is, you would know that such features can only be achieved through the use of Botox treatments.