KuCoin Earn is a platform where you can earn free KCS tokens by doing simple tasks like inviting friends, answering questions and doing surveys. You can then use your tokens to pay for fees on the KuCoin exchange.

There are other ways to earn KuCoin as well, such as trading on the exchange, but they’re more challenging. When you trade on KuCoin, you earn a certain amount of KCS each day. The amount you earn depends on the number of trades that you have made.

About KuCoin Exchange

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers many unique features and rewards its users. The platform launched in September 2017, and it’s already grown to have a daily trading volume of over $200 million.

As with other exchanges, you can use it to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but the KuCoin platform also has several unique features to help you earn more coins as you trade.  The number of trading pairs available for trading is quite large, with more than ten BTC and ETH pairs, among others. In addition, the platform supports direct token-to-token trades.

KuCoin is a digital asset exchange platform based in Hong Kong. It offers its users secure and easy digital asset transactions and exchange services. KuCoin is one of the most popular and secure cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

It provides its users with access to a wide variety of digital currencies, and it also offers several opportunities to earn more by using the platform. KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange platform where users can trade cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies and for assets like USDT, USTC, BRISE or NEO. Users can keep track of the rising and falling crypto prices including Bitgert price.

How Does KuCoin Earn Work?


KuCoin Earn, and it lets you collect double rewards for every single trade you make. It’s easy to get started and can add up to a lot of free KCS over time. Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you make a typical trade of 100 NEO for 0.3 BTC. In addition to your original rewards, KuCoin will give you an extra 30% in points—so in this case, that would be 3 points added on to your account.

Then, if you referred someone who also made a trade in the same week, they would receive 10% more points than they normally would have, making their total 3.1 points instead of 2.1. And if they also referred someone…the process goes on.

KuCoin Earn keeps going on like that until each referral gives back 50% of the points they earned from their own trades—and since they keep accumulating new points from each cycle forward too, it’s possible for everyone to be earning twice as

What is KuCoin Earn?

The KuCoin platform supports multiple ways to earn. In this program, the users will be rewarded with a fixed return of approximately 50% of the trading fees charged by the platform per year. You can choose the one you like and get rewards from it.

KuCoin Staking

You can also earn by being a KuCoin staker, which is similar to being a miner on some coins. You will receive daily dividends based on the number of tokens you hold in your account.

You must hold at least 1000 KCS in your KuCoin wallet, and it must remain there for at least 30 days for staking to begin. KuCoin shares 50% of its profits with users who have staked their coins for at least 30 days. The longer you stake your coins, the more you’ll earn daily.

Referral Program


KuCoin shares 90% of its trading fee with users through its “referral” program. I don’t know any other exchange that offers this, so it’s definitely worth taking advantage of if you want to make money off trading. The way the referral program works is simple: if someone trades on your referral link, you gain a percentage of whatever they trade.

For example, if Alice uses your referral link to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and transfers it to her private wallet, you’ll get 0.1% of her trade amount in the form of KCS—the KuCoin token. See the explanation on the KuCoin site for a full breakdown.


KuCoin offers many incentives for its users who trade on the platform. You can receive bonuses for trading specific digital assets or you can get discounts on withdrawal fees. The platform has also partnered with other exchanges and blockchain projects to offer additional discounts and giveaways to their users.


This is a new platform launched by the exchange that pays users for holding specific tokens. You can earn anywhere from $0.50-$1 or more per token depending on how many you hold.

This is different from normal exchanges because the tokens you earn are not immediately available for trading, transferring or withdrawing. The tokens are held in your account where you can only view your balance and not transfer, trade or withdraw them until the 100th day from when they were earned, at which point they automatically become available for transfer, trading or withdrawal.


Benefits of KuCoin Exchange

  • KuCoin provides many unique features and has excellent security.
  • KuCoin Exchange is a good choice for investors who are learning about the crypto world.
  • The platform has exceptional uptime, a built-in trading terminal, multi-language support, currency exchange options, etc.
  • One of the biggest advantages of KuCoin is that it supports over 300 different cryptocurrencies. This means that you have more flexibility with what coins you can trade compared to other exchanges. There are also more trading pairs than most exchanges, which means that you can get more bang for your buck when trading on the platform.
  • Trading fees are even lower on KuCoin—usually less than 0.1%.
  • KuCoin also offers a lot of security features for its users. The platform uses two-factor authentication, so you don’t have to worry about your account being compromised through hacking or phishing schemes.
  • KuCoin employs extensive virus and malware scanning so users don’t have to be worried about their wallets being compromised while they’re using the exchange.