Following the latest fashion trends is something people do. They simply want to look attractive in some modern pieces of clothes or wear a modern watch (these do not always have to be expensive). However, one of the details that people will never skip is wearing sunglasses. It is an excellent item that can only fulfill your overall physical presence and make you look more attractive.

Sunglasses are not only good for fashion. They can also be useful for people that plan to do certain activities outside. For instance, if you want to play golf on a sunny afternoon, sunglasses will manage to boost your performance without any doubt. The same thing counts for some other sports activities!

Will all sunglasses you can find on the market meet your expectations? Well, you may manage to find beautiful designs, but this is not the only concern you should have. You need to know whether the sunglasses you want to buy or already have are polarized or not. Well, this is a topic that deserves in-depth analysis.

Why Should I Look For Polarized Sunglasses?


The simplest way to answer this question is by saying only one word – comfort. When your sunglasses are polarized, the amount of light that will enter your eye is going to be much smaller. Thanks to their ability to reduce glave, people that wear them will have a crystal clear image in front of them. More precisely, the level of visual clarity is going to improve.

A wide range of people can (and in some cases should) wear these glasses. You can wear them even indoor if your eyes are sensitive to light. However, it is also recommendable for people that had some eye treatment or surgery. For instance, it is strongly recommendable that you wear them during the post-cataract recovery period.

You can compare this with sunscreen. When you put it on your skin, you get proper protection. The same rule counts with polarized sunglasses. When you put them, your eyes get great protection from UV rays which can be harmful for many reasons.

Anyway, after we explained why polarized sunglasses are a good choice, now is the right moment to find out how to recognize one. If you already have sunglasses at home, you will also find out whether they are good for your eyes or not. If not, it is about time to look for online shops such as and check out a wide range of polarized sunglasses designs that will potentially meet your expectations.

Let’s find out how to recognize them!

First Sign – Test Sticker


The first sign that some sunglasses are polarized may not be visible immediately, so you will have to make some additional steps. When you go to the store in person or visit some of the online shops, check out whether the sunglasses have a tested sticker.

This sticker is almost always located through the lens. All you have to do to see it is to rotate the lens at 60 degrees. A dark tag should appear when you do that which only confirms that the sticker is there. More precisely, it confirms that your sunglasses are 100% polarized. We are sure you will easily manage to complete this step!

The Surface Needs to Be Reflective


There is one more test you can make. Take the glasses and view its surface through only one of the lenses. Just like in the previous case, when you find the perfect position, rotate the sunglasses to a 60 degree. The glare should, in that case, reduce a lot. However, if something like that does not happen, then you can be pretty sure your sunglasses are not polarized.

Get One More Pair of Sunglasses


All these tests are interesting for some reason as many people start feeling like experts for sunglasses. However, this one is probably the most interesting. To start, get one more pair of glasses and put them next to the one you want to test. After that, rotate one of the pairs at 60 degrees to the other one.

The outcome you should expect to see is that the lenses are going to become darker. However, if something like that does not happen, then there is something wrong! We can’t guarantee that both pairs of sunglasses are not polarized, but one of them definitely is. You can combine this method with the previous and next ones to get more answers.

Use Your Computer/Laptop for Testing


People use their PC or laptop for two different purposes. They either have fun or they need to complete some business duties. We are pretty sure that neither of you has ever imagined that the computer can serve as an excellent tool for testing your glasses.
To make things clear, there are certain similarities between polarized sunglasses and computers. They both use the same type of anti-glare technology. That is the reason why this method shows 100% correct results.

First of all, sit in front of your computer and put the glasses in front of the screen. After you do that, rotate the glasses to 60 degrees. In case your glasses have this sort of protection, the entire lens will turn completely black. However, if that doesn’t happen, then it is the right time to purchase new ones or replace them existing ones.

Bonus: Certain Myths about Polazired Sunglasses You Should Know about

Many people probably believe that polarized lenses look darker compared to standard ones. However, this is far away from the truth, and one of the myths that are now debunked. Unfortunately, this is not the only one, and we would like to highlight a few more of them.

First of all, you need to understand that polarized lenses come in different shades and colors. You may manage to find those that are blue, green, yellow, etc. Choose the one that meets your taste and is matchable with the pieces of clothes you are wearing.

Another thing you need to know is that the frame does not have anything to do with the polarization process. All the glasses can be polarized as that depends only on the lens.
Finally, something most people think is that polarized sunglasses are too expensive. No, they are not, and some of them will even cost you between 50 and 200 dollars. They are no longer an unavailable item for regular people; they have become some sort of standard!