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It is necessary to safeguard your property against unexpected events and happenings. A home insurance plan by reputed home insurance companies can protect you against any unexpected calamities that may damage your homes. The recent floods of 2019 that affected many Southern and Eastern states are an example of what nature can do to your property and belongings. It is best to stay prepared and safeguard your home from such hazards.

What are the Eligibility Criteria to Take Home Insurance Plan?

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Whether you own a house or just stay in it, the security of your home remains your priority. That is why Future Generali’s terms for home insurance have been devised keeping these facts in mind. Here are facts about eligibility for home insurance:

• A person who owns the house can take and choose an insurance policy to safeguard the entire home and its properties.

• A person who resides in a house can take a house insurance policy to just safeguard the contents in the house.

What all is covered in a Home Insurance Plan?

As a buyer of house insurance, you must be well informed about the terms and conditions of the policy. You should know what is covered and what is not covered in the policy. Here we try to enumerate what all is normally covered in a home insurance policy:

• The holder of a home insurance plan is covered for natural calamities, fire, and even housebreaking or burglary.

• Apart from these, the insurance policy designed to cater to the modern needs of people also covers Veterinary Costs, Baggage, Pedal Cycle, Plate Glass and ATM Card Withdrawal or misuse of credit cards.

• The damages or losses caused to electronic equipment like laptops, portable equipment, etc are also covered by this policy.

• Apart from these, the liabilities like domestic workmen compensation, tenants’ legal liability, and public liability are also covered under this policy.

What is Excluded from being Covered by this Policy?

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There are some things that are excluded and are not covered under this house insurance policy. Here we have listed these for your reference:

• If there are losses in your house as a result of aging and wear and tear, these are not covered under the home insurance policy.
• The policy does not cover the contents of a consumable nature.
• If there is a loss of consequential type or description, this is not covered by the policy.
• The policy also does not cover the loss or damage to mobile phones or similar communication devices.

Which Home Insurance Policy Best for you?

It is clear that one policy will not just secure your home but also secure your peace of mind. There are many benefits you enjoy when you choose an insurance policy. Here we have explained Generali’s Home Insurance Policy is best for you:

• Unlike many of the other home insurance policies, this home insurance policy is completely lucrative and affordable. This means that by investing a small amount of your income, you are able to safeguard your house as well as its belongings.
• If you imagine running about the insurance company offices to get your claim amount, you are very wrong. The Future Generali’s in-house claims unit helps you get your claims encashed quickly, swiftly and without any hassles. This process has been designed for the benefit of our policyholders. You can click here and check the insurance company which will fit your requirements.
• Now you do not have to worry about buying different policies to cover your home and your family security. The policy has been designed to provide complete protection to property and its contents as well as the interests of your family and you.
• This all-inclusive plan also safeguards household jewelry and gadgets like laptops. It is an all-in-one plan to offer complete safety.

How to buy this Home Insurance Policy?

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The best part about Future Generali’s Home Insurance Policy is that you can get the process accomplished to buy this policy in a jiffy. You just need to visit the website to get the online quote. You must first select the covers you wish to purchase and fill in your details to get an online quote. The policy also allows you to buy add on covers to safeguard your valuables.

The three-step method to buy your insurance policy is as listed below:

• You first need to fill in the details of your home such as the address and the details about things you want to get insured.
• After this, you need to confirm the premium amount for your plan and select the payment method for the same. You can make secure payments through online banking or via card payment (debit card/credit card)
• A copy of the policy is then forwarded to the e-mail address you have provided. You may also download a copy and take a print out of the same by yourself.
The simple three-step process will seal the deal and you can sleep assured of the safety of your home.

What happens after the insurance formalities are complete?

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Once you have become a policyholder of Generali’s Home Insurance Policy, you will be provided a policy kit that will include the following:

• You will receive a policy schedule telling you when the claims will mature or when the premium needs to be paid.

• You will receive a premium receipt that tells you about the premium amount you have paid.

• You will also receive the policy coverage terms and conditions.

• You will also be provided with a claim form which you have to e-mail to make the claim.

• A complaint/feedback form will be provided to you. This will help you to make complaints or suggestions.

• You will also be provided guidance regarding grievance redressal that is followed in case you are not happy with the response received to the feedback form. You may approach the Insurance Ombudsman for review of the complaint in such situations.
Wait no more! Buy a home insurance policy to safeguard your home and its belongings. A very small investment today will safeguard your house and property in the future. Visit to get started.