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Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery And What Kim Had To Say

Do you think there are Kim kardashian diehard fans? Look at what Jordan James Parke did. He spent $150,000 to get kim kardashian surgery on his face. Kim Kardashian is now the idol of him. Jordan is a British man from Manchester. He is 23 years old and a makeup artist. After paying big bucks he has taken chin filler, lip filler, eyebrow tattooing and Botox treatments.

Though many find ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ reality show as low rated show, Young Jordan is inspired by it. The most noticeable feature or exaggerate Kim’s surgery element is pouty lips on Jordan’s face. The lips have undergone multiple fillings, the exact number is 50. When asked to Jordan he says “Kim is everyone’s guilty pleasure, I absolutely love her”. Also he tells that Kim has got gorgeous breasts, skin, and hair.

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kim kardashian plastic surgery

We think Kim might have got the news about Jordan. Who knows he might appear in the Kardashians reality show. The real kim kardashian plastic surgery is different than what Jordan has done to his face. Obviously Kim’s lips are not pouted like that of Jordan. Again Kim’s use of botox is much higher than that of Jordon. Kim Kardashian is trying to get the surgery done without compromising her original appearance.

There are some other kim kardashian plastic surgery rumors going on after the revealing photoshoot. The bigger butts in the photos have spread speculations about implants in Kim’s butt. Some fans find that the larger butt in the photos is done by Photoshop. Kim has never spoken about this controversy. Once in the Howard stern show Kim had said that she is not against the plastic surgery.

So she is involved in getting enhancements but in a smart way. We think kim kardashian surgery is supposed to be done with great care as Kim’s fame stands on her body assets.

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Kim Kardashian and her sisters became quite popular because of their bodies and Kim herself has been quite mum over the issue for a while until she finally decided to speak up on one area of her body that fans claimed she must have worked on. Back in 2010 on the keeping up with the kardashian show, the star decided to talk about what her first Botox experience was like.

She also went on to disclose that she has a deep love for laser treatments considering the fact that she it helps in dealing with stretch marks. A nose surgery is something fans think Kim Kardashian plastic surgery also involves but the star revealed that she never had her nose worked on. She said everyone who saw her thought she did but she knew that after giving birth, some of her real features would start to show.

Mario Dedivanovic is the person who get her makeup done and Mario also revealed that Kim never worked on her nose as many people had though but there would be noticeable changes because he makes use of a subtle nose contouring technique which helps in making her little nose bump stay hidden.