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For majority of individuals that enjoy listening to Korean songs and watching Korean movies as well, its time you know that Koreans have stepped up their desire to look better just as Hollywood has done over the years with plastic surgery. Kim Ah Joong is the latest to have followed in the footsteps of other celebrities that have undergone plastic surgery.

She was given birth in the year 1982 October 16th and her acting career has been among the top Korean talents. But in recent times she has appeared much more different from how she was previously known. The actress is naturally beautiful but after the plastic surgery that she underwent she became completely irresistible in terms of beauty.


kim ah joong plastic surgery

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An average Korean woman is blessed natural beauty; their beauty is mostly centered on their eyes area. For this reason some have moved quickly to have eye surgery to different their look from the usual appearance. Despite the age of the Korean actress, she looks completely refreshed and young and her eye and nose areas seems a lot different from the usual Korean appearance.

From her photos, it’s obvious that nose has changed a lot. It now appears refined, straight and smaller from the old one in the photo. Majority of Korean females have rounded face and same thing with their eyes area. And the actress previous photo shows that she has same round face and eyes as well. But with the plastic surgery which includes a jaw and eye surgery, it has completely given her jaw a longer jaw stretched eyes that appear a sexy.

kim ah joong facelift

The plastic surgery completely gave her a different appearance from the original. There is no doubt that her stunning appearance has gained her more fans than critics. She is yet to confirm any news regarding the plastic surgery but she really looks very beautiful and most be pleased with the result plastic surgery results.

Kim Ah Joong is just another Korean celebrity who has given up her natural beauty and prefers going under the knife and the plastic surgery procedures involved are still the same with the same procedures other korean actresses have had on their face. A lot of people have expressed satisfaction with how plastic surgeons work these days and in respect to Korea, plastic surgeons have succeeded in making women look quite beautiful unlike before.

These Korean actresses did not even need to sit and have a rethink about going under the knife or not as they put so much trust in these plastic surgeons and they are ready to ignore any pain they would feel in the process as far as they would come out looking beautiful. Kim’s transformation is considered to be topnotch as every change that was made rhymed with her face.

Kim Ah Joong starred in a movie titled 200 pounds and the storyline of the movie talked about plastic surgery users using Kim Ah Joong. We would also love to know what your thoughts are about Kim Ah Joong plastic surgery procedures.

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