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The Lebanese actor was given birth in the year 1964 in the city of Beirut and possesses an amounted net worth of about $ 350 million. Majority of his growing up was done unsettling from one city to another with his household, but finally came to stay in the city of Toronto and was gained Canadian citizenship.

Having been struck with dyslexia, his early educational routine didn’t go as planned but he was later up to the task and joined the school hockey team in which he succeeded in his endeavours as a goal tender. His involvement in Romeo and Juliet while he was still in school led to much interest in acting that he later moved on to finally.

He started as featuring in minor roles on television and other commercials before making his debut on “Youngblood” and other movies as well. By the year 1989 Bill and Ted’s Adventure excelled above imagination and made about $ 40 million dollar sales with Keanu Reeves been involved. The actor has ever since then moved on to feature in several other movies including his own production and of others as well.

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The Academy Award Winner who that featured in the movie “Speed” also enabled the movie make up to $ 350.5 million in the year 1994.  Apart from been an actor, Keanu Reeves have also shown his strength in co owning a music franchise. However, the 2005 Hollywood Walk of famer gained his highest ever sale from the movie series “Matrix” that produced about $ 1.6 billion dollars gross profit.

keanu reeves net worth



Keanu Reeves



              DATE OF BIRTH

2nd  September 1964

                    ZODIAC SIGN


                    PLACE OF BIRTH









186 cm


Samuel Reeves, Patricia Taylor


Ava Archer Syme Reeves




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