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After being spotted recently, popular Hollywood star Kate Beckinsale still looks youthful with a glowing face and an incredible figure. The English model and actress has recently been pinpointed as another female celebrity to have been under the knife with four different surgeries in mind.

These surgeries include dental surgery, the use of botox injections, having a nose job and lastly having breast implants done on her body. The actress who was the main cast in the movie “UNDERWORLD” seemed to have made some noticeable changes to her body which left fans and the entire world shocked to how she could achieve such transformation and look at this stage of her life.

Kate Beckinsale Plastic Surgery

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Judging from the picture above, one would be able to tell that the model and actress was able to make some key changes to her facial layout and also to her nose. In other pictures that surfaces recently, the same can be said about her breasts as her breasts now seems larger and attractive compared to when they just had a fine size and were considered to be average.

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This suggests that Kate Beckinsale recently got a boob job surgery but also, there are people who think the appearance of large-sized boobs might be as a result of changes made to her body after the birth of her baby lily. The actress who is worth about $16 Million is believed to have had Rhinoplasty because slight changes have also been made to her nose layout. The tip of her nose and also the nasal bridge now have a slimmer look and the picture above tells it all.

Furthermore, there are also reasons to believe that Kate also used botox injections as it is almost impossible to find a wrinkle on her face. Let me take you back to the first image in this review, you would realize that Kate had deeper laugh lines but in her present pictures, those lines are not visible anymore which isn’t natural.

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Particularly, the internet is still left wondering if Kate Beckinsale’s plastic surgery procedures also involve the use of Botox Injection as the actress who is already in her forties doesn’t seem to have a wrinkle on her face.

Her wrinkled free face has already led to the spreading of talks that she must have also gone under the knife to be able to achieve an ageless and wrinkle-free face. Taking a look at her old and new photos, it is a glaring fact that there are visible changes around the mouth region. While she was much younger, her face had deeper laugh lines but recently, those lines have seemed to disappear each time she smiles.

The internet suggests that the actress must have had face fillers injected in her cheekbones. Just like every other celebrity that has been under the knife, all the Kate Beckinsale plastic surgery rumors are yet to be addressed by the star herself but one fact people should have at the back of their mind is being a star doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the wonders of science in enhancing your beauty.