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Over the years Kate Beckinsale has taken up acting as her career and this has amounted to her estimated net worth of $16 million. The English actress was given birth into the family of both Judy Loe and Richard Beckinsale. Both parents of the actress were also actors and actresses and it is believed that this played a huge role in her decision to take up acting as her career.

Kate appeared in her first official movie role while she was still in college in the Oxford University in the year 1993. Prior to that appearance, she has since starred in other bit-part role. After which she was later involved in radio productions and stage play not forgetting the fact that the actress also starred in different dramas (British mainly) such as Emma, Cold Comfort Farm and many others.

kate beckinsale bio

She later moved to the finding movie roles in Hollywood and before the 90’s was over, the actress had took up bit-part roles in dramas, war films and romantic comedy as well. Kate Beckinsale popularity continues to increase after she put up a glowing performance in movies such as “The Aviator and The Comedy Click”. She has since then featured in several other award winner movies with the mostly featured titled “The Underworld” in which she featured for all series.

Kate Beckinsale’s popularity in the Hollywood sector has risen beyond expectation given her smaller role in her early career. She is now regarded as one of the very best in the industry and an inspiration for upcoming movies stars and models as well.

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kate beckinsale net worth


  • United Kingdom

Date of Birth

  • 26th July 1973

Place of Birth

  • Finsbury Park, London


  • 47


  • Actress


  • 54 kg


  • 170 cm


  • Len Wiseman

kate beckinsale career

Net Worth

  • $16 million

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