Rumors are spreading like a wide fire that the sexiest man has been involved with plastic surgery and that his appearance is not completely 100% natural. There are speculations that he has been involved with Botox injections, laser, liposuction and a nose job.

But the most discussed plastic surgery of all is his nose job. The famous singer started his career at a very tender age and has looked differently on several occasions as he grew older. There are speculations that his appearance was only real while he was younger and that ever since then, his frequent change in appearance is a result of plastic surgery. Taking a look at his photos while he was still a boy, his nose appears wider.

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Justin Timberlake Plastic Surgery

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But there are no doubts that the nose isn’t the same anymore and it could well have been a perfect surgeon who has given him a different nose. The nose is now refined with the tip looking pointed and the bridge thinner. Several fans of his have argued that his appearance is natural and that the change in his appearance even his nose is only a result of camera resolutions or positions.

The singer has not responded to rumors regarding his rumored nose job. Rather he is more concerned to concentrate on his career. Regardless of whether he publicly admits or not, several surgeon experts have given their opinions. With majority supporting the notion that he did have plastic surgery done on his nose area. While others have argued that his change in nose area is a result of his age.

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Is there anyone who doesn’t know Justin Timberlake? Justin Timberlake is considered to be a talented songwriter and an amazing singer and guess what, he is also very good in acting too. He has featured in quite so many movies in his career and he is also married to another celebrity like him known as Jessica Biel. It would be very difficult to avoid the rumors not just because they are celebrities.

Lately, rumors started spreading that the talented singer must have been under the knife which is actually a norm in the entertainment industry or with most celebrities nowadays. Based on some of these rumors, fans and the entire public also believe that the talented songwriter must have had a nose job to reshape the way his nose looks as well as Botox to get rid of all signs of aging.

We do not know if these rumors are true or not but the fact still stands that the rumors are very debatable. Some fans compared his old photos to his recent photos and concluded that the star must have been under the knife to make some changes to his appearance. However, all of these allegations are still and Justin Timberlake on his own part is yet to address any of these rumors being linked with him.