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Joan Rivers was a comedian, television host, and actress, who had a net worth of $160 million. She was born in New York to Alexandra Molinsky in New York. Later she moved to Larchmont where she completed her schooling. But in 1954 she graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and English Literature from Bernard college.

Before she became standup comedian, she worked at different jobs such as writing, proofreading, fashion consultant and manager at Rockefeller Center. She started her career in performing arts by being a stand up at local clubs in New York. Her first appearance was in “The Tonight Show” and later appeared in popular shows such as “The Ed Sullivan Show”.

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In 1980s, Joan Rivers was nominated for Grammy award for being stand-up comedian in one of her albums. It was rumored that Joan Rivers would take over the ‘The Tonight Show’ after the retirement of Johnny Carson. But due to some disagreement the idea fell apart. Joan Rivers in 2013 sold her country house for $4.5 million.

In the same year, Joan Rivers bought a new penthouse in NYC for $30 million. But this house is now valued to be of $35 million. Other than television hosting, Joan Rivers earns money from QVC clothing endorsements and Jewelry lines. It is estimated that she is paid $50 million royalty from QVC.

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joan rivers net worth


  • United States Of America

Date Of Birth

  • Jun 8, 1933

Place Of Birth

  • Brooklyn

Years Active

  • 1959 – 2014


  • Female


  • 5FT, 2in


  • Actor
  • Talk Show Host
  • Television Producer
  • Voice Actor
  • Writer
  • TV Personality
  • Comedian
  • Screenwriter

joan rivers career


  • Melissa Rivers


  • 123.5lbs


  • Jewish


  • James Sanger
  • Edgar Rosenborg

Net Worth

  • $150 Million

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