Jessica Biel Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


Jessica Biel has once again become attractive and young. The actress had before got the title of “most beautiful woman of America” but it slowly faded away when she got off figure and again when through a plastic surgery disaster. Dr. Andy Wills says that her face till now had two plastic surgeries. One was a disaster and other was done to get it fixed. The lips and nose have taken lip injection and rhinoplasty treatments.

Nose job is very common these days. Slimmer nose is what everyone prefers and so in the case with Jessica. Well, after all chubby girls don’t get much attention in the showbiz. The nose job of Jessica Biel was nicely done for the first time. But liposuction went wrong and she had to fix it by taking another surgery. Dr. Andy Wills also added in his comments that Jessica Biel has a procedure on lips. She used too much of fillers and her lips got sore.

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jessica biel plastic surgery

The beauty of her face was lost and it got a bad attention on her. She must have been very regretful about the surgery. The next surgery was done to fix the problem and fortunately she gave her face to a good surgeon. Now she has nice and sweet appearance with repaired lips. She was looking good at the Oscars 2014. Jessica Biel plastic surgery should be taken as a good example of how plastic surgery can affect a person’s individuality.

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jessica biel facelift

It can ruin a celebrity’s career and image in one move. But if one gets it done properly then one can enjoy some more years of fame as a celebrity. Jessica Biel has turned out to be moderately rated celebrities these days while being a mother to Justin Timberlake’s son.

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