In the past, most people would have found it very difficult to believe that a good looking woman like Jenny McCarthy was already in her forties because these days looking good when you are supposed to be showing signs of aging is just a normal thing. Jenny McCarthy is an activist, an author, a model and also an actress who born in the year 1972 and her open admission of her love for Botox and going under the knife is for the fun of it meant that Jenny McCarthy plastic surgery rumors are true.

Taking a look and comparing between her old and new pictures would show you evidence of the changes in her face and one noticeable and very visible evidence lies in her cheeks as her cheeks now look more projected compared to before. Plastic surgery procedures like facial fillers and cheek implants are very popular because they are quite effective in making sure people look younger. Jenny however made comments that she loves looking good and better at all times.

Jenny Mccarthy Plastic Surgery

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She also claimed that when she feels its time to do the right thing, she would eventually do what’s best for her as well as claiming that she also loves Botox. She also revealed that she gets Botox but in minimal quantity, so she can still be able to move her face so as to avoid a plastic surgery disaster but still Jenny McCarthy considers the use of Botox as a lifesaver. However, lots of women in Hollywood have had Botox at least for once especially at the age of thirty but not all could be bold and outspoken enough about it just like Jenny McCarthy.

Asides from her use of Botox, Jenny kicked off her modeling career with the aid of plastic surgery when she got breast enhancement surgery but right now she is more famous for her parenting books which talks more about autism. In July 2012, Jenny McCarthy posed for the Playboy Magazine and that was the second time for her to pose for the magazine since she first did twenty years earlier.

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Other models when they are preparing for a photoshoot, they get to do a lot of exercising, dieting and also right living but that wasn’t the same case with Jenny McCarthy as she got extra help with the use of plastic surgery. This time the internet thinks she went over the board with her plastic surgery procedure despite admitting that she loves Botox. She however took her plastic surgery game to the next level and started looking a bit awful due to excessive use of facial fillers on her cheeks. You can find more details on sites such as

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Furthermore, Jenny McCarthy has also engaged in a breast implant swap as she visited her plastic surgeon and switched from a silicon C-cup to a bigger silicon D-cup. However, this wouldn’t come as a surprise to the internet as breast implants are said to expire after ten years of use so one would need to get another one. Reports gathered however suggest that the swap done by Jenny was the third time she was swapping her breast implants.