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Jennifer Aniston started her career by acting in TV series, Molly and Camp Cucamonga. She was born in California. However, she spent most of her childhood in New York City.  She is now 50 years old and many rumors about her keep coming. One of the common rumors is about Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery. Once Jennifer Aniston started her career as TV actor, she became famous overnight.

She was acclaimed for her performance in a number of shows. She was also cast in movies such as Just Go with it, The Break up, horrible bosses, and Marley and me. After the plastic surgery, Jennifer Aniston has become more beautiful and fabulous. In an interview, she admitted about her plastic surgery. By looking at her face, we get to know she had cosmetic and Rhinoplasty surgery. Her nose has become thinner and refined to give good facial looks.

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jennifer aniston plastic surgery

The rumors about Jennifer Aniston started recently when people started noticing differences in her facial appearance from the past. The photos from 2 years back compared to today show many changes in her. Jennifer has managed to look youthful like she did many years ago. She might have taken Botox injections, breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty treatments. Talking about her nose, there is a subtle change in its bride that makes the nose slightly thinner.

In 1990s and early 2000s, she was a well-recognized actress who won many awards such as Golden globe, Emmy, and Screen Actors Awards. She was popular for her acting in television series Friends. Some of the commercial movies such as Bruce Almighty were hit and her biggest successes in movie industry.

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There is something interesting about Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery and that is the fact that she has had anti-cellulite sculpting treatment for her legs. However, the actress didn’t deny this when she was asked as she even went on to add that the process was necessary because she needed to keep her legs smooth and flexible.

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Rumor has it that Jennifer Aniston has not been successful when it comes to keeping boyfriends. She has been in relationships with Vince Vaughn and Brad Pitt and therefore would do everything possible to make sure she keeps a man even if it requires plastic surgery. However, one things that people love about this actress is the fact that she looks very beautiful and an overdone work of art.

She still has this beautiful look whether she makes use of plastic surgery or not. Taking a good look at Jennifer Aniston’s face from her old pictures and her recent pictures, you would not doubt rumors that claim she must have tried out botox as well as fillers injections just to make sure she retains her younger look.

She still has a tight skin and also made some adjustments to her chin. Fans still love Jennifer Aniston because she still looks natural despite having two or more plastic surgery procedures done on her face or body. She however added that she tried out botox but didn’t do a lot of injections.