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Jeanie Buss is a popular figure in the sports world given the fact that her father is the well-known LA Lakers owner (Jerry Buss) and she is the executive VP of the Los Angeles Lakers team. Her involvement with the sport has seen her net worth risen to an estimated $ 20 million. Jeanie Buss is the daughter of JoAnn, who is the very first wife the father married before going to marry Karen Demel.

In the year 2012, Jeanie Buss sparked different opinion on Twitter after announcing the engagement between Phil Jackson and her. Phil Jackson is regarded as a legend in the NBA sport after winning the NBA championship for eleven times in his career. Phil Jackson is publicly seen as a coach with good managerial skill after coaching several top talents in the sport including managing the great Michael Jordan during his peak years in which he dominated throughout the 90’s.

Phil Jackson proposal to Buss was seen as the talk of the town after he proposed with a ring set to be very expensive given its emerald and diamond possession. However Buss was enumerated into the executive VP of business operations in LA Lakers. In recent times, Phil Jackson has been drafted into the role of presidency for New York Knicks and regardless of the distance his role may have brought along, it didn’t hinder the pair who started dating from 1999 to seize their love life.

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Speaking to the NBA, Buss made it clear that she isn’t bothered about anything given the fact that all decisions are not made by her in respect to the Lakers.

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jeanie buss net worth


  • America

Date of Birth

  • 26th September 1961

Place of Birth

  • Santa Monica, CA


  • 58


  • Business professional


  • 58Kg


  • 5 Feet 7 inches


  • Phil Jackson

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  • Steve Timmons (Dv 1993)

Net Worth

  • $20 million

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