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Janice Wendell Bethany is popularly known as Jan Crouch by the media for her broadcasting role. And at her age she still looks very pretty and young and this has prompted the rumors of her plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has become very popular among several aging individuals and the popular plastic surgery procedure that is very common having Botox injections and face lift.

Most people are very optimistic about their appearance and the fear of losing their natural beauty to old age has always been the driving force for many to undergo plastic surgery. Jan crouch appearance has remained youthful and fresh.

Judging from her previous and present photos she has had Botox injections that have completely allowed her appearance to look youthful and fresh and the plastic surgery procedure that she had has also eliminated of forms of wrinkles. Other forms of plastic surgery results that have yielded good results on her are like the face lift that she has had. The facelift gave a tighter skin and smooth looks.

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jan crouch plastic surgery

At her age it very difficult to have full cheeks just as she does. Her before and after photo portrays a fuller cheek and this have also added to her youthful appearance. There are also rumors about her eye surgery. Her eye area is totally free of aging marks and sagging. It was a success and her appearance has completely looked wonderful.

The broadcaster has not responded to such claims of her undergoing plastic surgery. And it wouldn’t come as a surprise if she chooses to deny such claims and instead join the large numbers of other celebrities that has used good diet and exercise as excuse to remain youthful.

jan crouch facelift

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Being a religious broadcaster made her very popular throughout her career and until her death, she looked quite fresh and okay which made people wonder if she had done something to herself. The internet was left wondering if Jan Crouch rejuvenated her skin and face through the use of plastic surgery as there are rumors Jan Crouch has had eyelid surgery, Botox injection and facelift.

Aging isn’t a very big problem in life as most women often think it to be as now, all women every dream of is how to remain young and sexy. We guess Jan Crouch felt same way before going under the knife and the differences can clearly be seen when comparing between her past and recent photos. Taking a closer look at her eyes will show you that the eyes have been taken well care of as there are no eye bags or wrinkles around them.

It is also interesting as there are also some fans who believe that Jan Crouch plastic surgery also involved the use of filler injections. This left her looking quite fresher and fuller especially for someone in her seventies and considering how things were done and how they turned out, we can say she must have enjoyed it even though it looked slightly unnatural.