Cryptocurrencies are all around us. There’s no point denying it. We know it, you know it, everyone knows it. Even if you’re not too familiar with the crypt trend it’s time that you learn and ride the wave. The new era of investments is upon us and if you’re not in line with the latest developments you’ll be left behind.

Once you’re left behind there’s no catching up. Do you see how Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos aren’t letting each other remain the world’s richest person for too long? Every race is worth racing and winning. Cryptocurrency is a race you need to join and be competitive.

All of you that have joined the frenzy already know the basics and are moving on to other important questions. Digital currencies provide many answers but they also open many new pages full of questions. We can’t answer them all but with a good effort, we can one burning inquiry regarding crypto wallets.

If you’re already eager to trade crypto you need a wallet. This is common knowledge by now. We’re not talking about one of those fancy Louis Vuitton ones, but a more sophisticated kind. Digital wallets for storing crypto are what’s trendy now on the investment market.

People who are involved with digital currencies already have one and know what to do with it. With more time and more attained crypto, many people become insecure at holding all of their assets in one place. This is not out of the ordinary as you’ll be acting as your bank.

This begs the question is it good to have multiple cryptocurrency wallets? It is a fair question, and we’ll try to provide the best answer we can at this moment. First, let’s see what happens if you hold all of your coins in one wallet.

Is One Crypto Wallet Enough?


When you start your crypto adventure having only one wallet is normal. The first thing that attracts many people t this type of investment is the fact that the position of safety, security, and anonymity is on a different level compared to everything else. But, the blockchain which is behind every major crypto is rather public.

So, when you have many coins in one place it becomes quite easy for others to notice the convergence. We don’t want to sound like something from Thor – The Dark World, but that’s the truth. It’s not a bad thing by any means, but many people would be concerned if there was a traffic sign pointing to their wealth. This could attract several cybercriminals, as similar attacks have happened in the past.

If you become a target of bad folks out there you could end up with nothing and without a way to get your cryptocurrency back. Even if hacking is the last thing on your mind you need to be prepared for every scenario. As you probably know, digital currencies differ from fiat ones by the fact they’re not centralizing nor are connected to any sort of regulating body. While in certain aspects this is a good thing in many others such as hacking it’s not good news.

If you lose any of your credentials regarding your coins and wallet you might not be able to get them back. So, it’s how the old saying goes – never keep all the eggs in the same basket. Having one wallet might be good when you are at the start of your adventure as it will be easier to keep track of your assets. But, as your portfolio grows you might start thinking about expansion. Some crypto exchange websites like have a wallet integrated when you create an account on their platform. This makes it easy for users to store their cryptocurrencies on the site and also use them for trading.

Are Multiple Wallets The Answer?


It could be. The important thing is that exchanges and other institutions that offer you wallets do so for free. Their other services might have a price, but when it comes to the wallets they still come free in most instances. So, from this standpoint, you can easily have multiple wallets. Of course, the primary issue with most people who opt for this approach is security in the first place and the second place convenience. Not everyone sees these issues the same way.

For some people moving coins to separate wallets would be too much of a hassle, and they would find it hard to keep track of their assets. But, if you’re looking to have things done the safer way having multiple wallets could be the thing to do. The best part is that you’re not limited to one option, nor a majority of similar ones. No, you can spice things up, as we said, spread your eggs in many baskets.

Of course, you shouldn’t go overboard and have a dozen of wallets. What you could do is to have wallets at different exchanges, and to have both cold and hot wallets at your disposal. The risk of losing your crypto is not an everyday threat, but it could happen. Because the risk is real you are wiser to spread your assets to multiple storages. This is the approach many people use, and the benefits are there as we suggested they will be. If you already have the matter of wallets settled and only want to trade, one of your options could be

The Bottom Line

There are over thousands of digital currencies out there on the market. There are even more human opinions on the subject. We can’t tell you what to do with your assets, but one thing is logical, and that’s that you should take the best possible care of your coin. If your safety and security is the primary concern of yours, you’d be wise to share your coins between multiple exchanges and wallets.

There’s no guarantee that your wallet is going to be targeted, but you’re better safe than sorry. Previous experiences of crypto owners who were damaged by cybercriminals should serve you as a warning. Even if one of your wallets is compromised you can continue trading with the assets you have in other ones. This gives you the luxury to wait for the resolution of any damage you received at one place while compensating for it in another one.