A master in Business Administration is a postgraduate degree aiming to increase an individual’s skill set to take over any business area. It even gives you the option to specialize in any specific area of business of your preference, like finance, marketing, human resource, business analytics, entrepreneurship, etc.

An MBA is a higher study 2-year program offered by many universities worldwide. There is an option for everyone, from on-campus to online and full-time to part-time there are many opportunities for everyone wanting to pursue an MBA.

In Malaysia, many good universities offer a great MBA program. If you want to study MBA in Malaysia and cannot relocate, you can study for an online MBA in Malaysia from any location.

Getting an MBA degree requires a major investment of time and energy, this way, you’ll be saving a lot of time as the curriculum is the same as with on-campus classes, but you’ll be able to have relaxed schedules.

Investing time and money


Most people choose not to acquire a Master in Business Administration degree because of the time and money they will have to invest. Most courses of MBA are two years long with additional needs that require your time and energy, such as an advanced curriculum with presentations, group studies and months of test preparation, extracurricular activities, internships, and a lot of networking.

This can be tiring as you need to give additional two years to your studies rather than working towards starting your career and finding a job. Most people just prefer to find a job and get work experience.

Moreover, an MBA is only deemed useful by many firms if it has been acquired from a prestigious and well-regarded university. Probably the students who graduated from the top 100 universities are considered and regarded above MBA students that have graduated from other universities.

However, not everyone can afford such prestigious universities, and even if you take out a loan, it can take years to repay it fully. Thus, the decision to do an MBA depends on your current resources and circumstances.

If you feel you can afford the degree financially, it will be very beneficial for you. However, if you feel like it is not worth the investment and you won’t be getting a high return on investment, you should find a job and work your way to the top.

The usefulness of an MBA

An MBA is a chance to get a higher degree that will set you apart from most candidates at a job interview.

It will add a lot to your CV, and if you have acquired an MBA from a good university, it will increase your chances of acceptance, and you will be able to break into some of the most competitive business sectors. You can even get a chance to work internationally with multinational firms.



An MBA program lets students specialize in any specific aspect of business and acquire expertise in their chosen program, such as finance or technology.

For most students, finance is a way forward since it opens doors to banking, investment, and insurance sectors that are very beneficial for an MBA graduate and offer many high-paying jobs.

Marketing is also an up-and-coming program interested in media and making creative promotion and sales strategies one of the most important business areas. There are many other equally important courses that you can choose from.

Specialization in a specific field of business helps an individual understand the constantly shifting market trends and make decisions accordingly for the growth of their department.

Some people also go for a double specialization in MBA that allows you to take two subjects and acquire expertise in two different business areas, for example, accounting and finance and marketing and finance.

These combinations of courses vary from university and your preferences. This dual specialization provides the students with a wide range of opportunities, and since the industry is fast-paced, there is an increased need for managers, strategists, and qualified decision makers, thus whichever business aspect you want to pursue your career, you are qualified for it, so the choice is completely up to you.

Communication and leadership

A Master in Business Administration is a degree that aims to provide its students with not only educational information but also develop real-world business skills that will come in handy in any capacity that they work in. the utmost quality that you need to possess while perusing a career in business is the communication and leadership skills.

The case studies revolve around real-world scenarios and allow you to understand and learn real-world business skills. During an MBA degree, you can work with like-minded individuals on group projects and deliver presentations.

The interaction with the professors gives students a chance to learn about their experience working in similar capacities and useful lessons for their future.

These communication and team-building skills come in handy when it is time for the students to practically demonstrate everything they have learned.

MBA graduates can work in higher positions due to their advanced knowledge of all business areas. They are chosen for executive jobs because many consider them a bridge between the different departments.

Therefore, they are chosen for positions that demand you to be a leader and manage the workforce, give presentations, manage business deals, and work with international brands.

Job security and transfer


MBA graduates experience a higher degree of job security than others in the workforce since they are usually accepted at higher positions, and changing market conditions does not affect their job.

In a very competitive business market, it is very hard to find individuals with complete knowledge about changing market trends and how they affect business activity, so these MBA graduates in executive and managerial positions run the business and make decisions for the success of the business.


MBA gives you diverse knowledge about different aspects of a business, so if you get a better opportunity to advance your career in a different direction, it won’t be a problem for you as an MBA degree is generally accepted.

Thus, an MBA is a very useful degree like any other higher education; it gives a high return on investment, and the time and money spent are worth it for your future gain.