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When it comes to holiday dates, a birthday or just a surprise gesture … Whether we are very traditional or not, always think to make a special gift for those friends with creative preferences. And because of the great choice in the market, this can often be very difficult.

Also, the most difficult task is those whose job or hobby you don’t quite understand. If you are not creative yourself and love only that aspect of fine art when you already have a finished product in front of you, then you certainly need help. That is why we have made a selection of the best gift ideas for amazing artists, this way you will be ready to buy the ideal item.

Of course, you know for sure what your friend’s hobby is, and you know for sure whether he is open to new experiences or would prefer to remain entrenched in a hobby he has already mastered. Based on that, make the decision whether or not to surprise him with something completely different.

Here are some things that you will not go wrong with, but will hit right in the center. Because it really matters to artists the accessories they use to create.

Digital sketch pen

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How about a pencil sketching and writing on paper in the usual way, with the pen memorizing and transferring everything to your computer or laptop? With a special design that will be used in the creation of preliminary concepts and creative brainstorming, it is ideal for the initial phase of the creative process.

The digital sketch pen is just that: a digital-manual kit, consisting of a pen and “accessories”, that captures and transmits your movements to a base where they are processed and stored for “export” to your computer. Each sketch is made in layers that you add yourself and can be modified in Adobe Photoshop or similar programs.

It’s basically a digital pen that you can draw in the usual way, on any piece of paper. As you draw, the pen remembers your movements and the intensity of the pressure on the paper, and then automatically transfers all that data to its base. The digital database can, of course, be connected to and from your computer, then loaded into your favorite drawing program on your computer.


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A device that is simply a must-have for any music lover, especially people who are hobby or business. So think carefully and choose a model that offers you flexibility, freedom and high sound quality. Most headsets have built-in volume control and powerful surround sound. Adjustable microphone for clear communication.

Also, this can be an ideal gift if your friend loves games. Do you have friends who enjoy gaming? Get up to date, grab a pair of gaming headsets and let your friend enjoy the real gaming moments.

Our advice is to pay attention to several features of the headset that maximize your convenience when shopping, such as adjustable straps, crystal clear sound and in-line controls. Also, pay attention to driver strength and sound insulation. Musician or gamer – it doesn’t matter in this case, no one would want to be distracted by background noise, so make sure you surprise your friend with proper isolation.

Application subscription

Every person involved in digital art must have the right software in addition to the necessary tools. Surprise your friend by giving him unlimited access to various applications, websites, storage, etc. If your friend is a true artist, he will need it.

Buddha Boards

A perfect gift for all painting enthusiasts. It allows paintings to be created endlessly but also to disappear. Something like Snapchat. It’s designed to disappear after a while, disappearing as it dries. Each time you have a blank canvas in front of you when you want to paint something. CoolThingsChicago has made a list of the best Buddha Boards, so you don’t have to search endlessly until you’ve found the perfect gift model.

3D Pencil

This is a 3D drawing pen that can be used to create different 3D models in multiple shapes and sizes. We recommend that you choose one made of aluminum. There are models that have an OLED screen that easily monitors and adjusts operating parameters, as well as the ability to operate at several speeds. You can attach this 3D pen to a powerbank and take it with you and use it anywhere and anytime.

Solar photography kit

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The sun-sensitive paper contains chemicals that react when exposed to the sun. They respond by coloring the paper in different colors, depending on which color you choose.

What will delight photography enthusiasts is the solar photography kit. It’s a kit that is a great replacement for the traditional camera we’re used to. All you need in addition to this set is sun, water and desired objects to create creative solar prints – but your artist friend already knows that.

Makeup case

Do you have a professional makeup friend? This is the perfect gift for him. Anyone who is in love with this profession knows how difficult it is to keep all your makeup in one place and how hard an organization itself falls even when you have space.

Basically, this is a gift that is always welcome, because makeup is never enough. There are various models of cosmetic bags that are intended for the disposal of cosmetic accessories. It takes a lot of space for brushes, applicators, mirrors … It’s nice when everything we need is in one place. In this sense, cosmetic suitcases are irreplaceable. They allow for the neat disposal of everything you use, the availability and transparency of accessories.

Cosmetic cases can also have wheels, which will be very handy if you carry a lot of accessories. Also, the ability to disassemble and have multiple levels makes them extremely practical to operate and use.


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A unique gift – you can give as a gift to friends, partners, any family member … This is a fantastic gift for those who like to write, write down their thoughts daily, or simply enjoy writing their creative ideas! You can further enhance this great idea by personalizing the journal by adding your friend’s initials, a photo, or maybe a couple of words.

Let your imagination go for this extraordinary gift, decorate it at your discretion, pack it beautifully, and give it a gift!


We hope that we have given you these ideas for your perfect gift and that you will succeed in making someone happy. However, you know very well that these are not the people who will dress up an expensive piece of wardrobe or jewelry – the creative will be most pleased if something appears under the decorative paper that he can use in his creative pursuits.