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The power of television is undeniably huge. It attracts millions of people regardless of their age, gender, and nationality. Why does it happen? Television offers all kinds of entertaining shows, which suit different preferences of different people. If you search for some time, you will definitely find a TV show that is interesting. Thus, students spend heaps of time watching their favorite TV shows. This activity or habit has a certain impact and it’s not quite good.

Many students have problems with their learning. While they have a great desire to never miss their favorite series, they turn to expert essay writers. Using an essay writing service online like, they ask to help with their complex assignments. Competent experts easily handle any piece of academic writing. Nevertheless, it cannot last forever. College students ought to act wisely and realize potential complications. We’ll highlight the most dangerous ones.

Poor Reading Ability

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One of the common negative effects of TV shows is bad reading ability. One study established that 67% of U.S. students are reading below grade level. Of course, the reasons for such an outcome are different. Nevertheless, excessive watching television is surely one of them. The study included all the activities students are busy with. Thus, TV shows are amongst the common ways to spend time.

Youngsters don’t read enough because they prefer watching something, which isn’t even related to education. As a result, students have great problems with reading comprehension. They may not understand the main message of what they read. Besides, most of them read too slow. It steals precious time and many folks submit their assignments too late. This can lead to many attention problems later in life especially in academics and work. Impulsiveness and disorganization can lead to a life that can be problematic. Poor planning abilities could lead to easier job loss and family problems. A disciplined mind will lead a better, more quality life, and as all things in life, everything is connected. 

Language Complications

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The issue of learning a language is another negative effect. To understand this issue, we should consider a perspective in the long run. Let’s return back to the infancy. Many parents allow their children to watch television. Multiple psychological studies have proved that little children should not be allowed to watch TV until they reach the age of 2 years. Otherwise, they have severe language delays. They don’t understand many words and relate them to the false meanings and values.

As such children grow up and even go to a college, they commonly fall behind the rest. Their language abilities are at a poor level. It affects other learning skills such as writing and reading.

Weak Academic Performance

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Undoubtedly, students experience some problems with their learning too. As they spend much time watching different movies and entertaining programs, they give little heed to their academic tasks and duties. Students become passive learners. In the meanwhile, only active engagement in the learning process brings the required dividends.

Such students have quite poor learning abilities. Their writing and reading abilities are insufficient to complete assignments of the highest quality. There are several great reasons why it happens. To make scientific research, a writer ought to read a lot and understand it. As reading comprehension is poor, he/she doesn’t always understand what is essential and what is “water”.

Writing skills are likewise crucial. Students may choose the wrong lexicon, write with grammatical and spelling mistakes, compose sentences, which are difficult to read and something of the kind. Undoubtedly, such assignments never receive high grades.

Increased Aggressiveness

Television may likewise negatively affect the mental state of youngsters. One of the most dangerous consequences is increased aggressiveness. Television is full of movies and shows that expose violence, drug-taking, war, murder, asocial behavior, and similar things. Such things do not pass without some impact on the mentality. Many teenagers were reported to have uncommon behavioral deviations. Poor time management skills, as well as low frustration tolerance, can bring many issues in relationships with teachers, friends, and family.y 

They become more aggressive as they try to imitate violence in real life. Although there is no clear evidence, the link really exists. Aggressive and rebellious behavior negatively affects academic performance. Students have conflicts with their peers and professors.

What’s Positive?

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Of course, this article wouldn’t be fair if it didn’t highlight the opposite side. Television may be likewise productive and helpful for students. Nonetheless, it’s necessary to watch the right shows and programs. As you understand, such genres like horror, shooters, and other violent kinds would hardly teach something useful. Meanwhile, there are many educational shows and science-fiction movies that contain a lot of scientifically proved truth. TV shows can act as a catalyst to get people reading and researching about things they like and on things they would like to learn more. Education programming and develop learning skills and motivate viewers to explore and learn about faraway cultures and people. We even would go as far that TV can teach values and life lessons!

Watching such TV shows positively affects college students. They learn something they never knew. Such shows involve different spheres of human activity. Consequently, students enrich their knowledge even when it’s not their major.

It’s almost impossible to exclude watching TV shows. Nonetheless, students and their parents ought to be reasonable. It would do no good spending half of the day watching their favorite shows, which have no relation to their academics. The outcomes are very negative. Therefore, students should create a reasonable schedule and make a certain limit to devote more time to their academics. With that, we want to suggest that you choose your TV experience, try to find content that could prove of value later down in life in some way. Be it a documentary or a famous Hollywood love drama, try to watch something that will stay in your mind and not just evaporate right finish watching it.