The ex-football player has also been involved with acting and TV personality down his career and possesses an estimated net worth of about $14 million. The large amounted net worth of Howie Long is as a result of his involvement with various career down the years and in recent times as an analyst on football matters for FOX network. Howie Long had a successful career in football while he was in college with Villanova University and in the year 1981, Oakland Raiders drafted him.

He wore the numerical figure 75 for his outstanding years with Oakland that lasted for thirteen years. He was basically recognized all round for his physicality in the game while playing defensively. Upon the end of his thirteen years love affair with Oakland Raiders, he quickly joined showbiz and has also featured in top movies that include “Broken Arrow” and “Fire storm”.

howie long bio

In his appearance on the movie “Broken Arrow” a sound effect was used to depict his death and ever since then, it has been nicknamed “Howie Scream”. He has also been involved with different commercials for several companies that also feature him alongside fellow actress “Teri Hatcher” for an advert on Radio shack.

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howie long net worth


  • America

Date of Birth

  • 6th January 1960

Place of Birth

  • Charlestown, Massachusetts


  • 60


  • Football player


  • 122 kg


  • 196 cm


  • Diane Addonizio

Net Worth

  • $14 million

howie long career

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