Alchemy Stars is a real-time strategy, and role-playing game developed and published by PROXIMA BETA. The game includes Art style best graphics, and unique characters. The players can make a team with different characters and also their multiple tasks. Many in-game rewards are available in the games free for players. It has unique gameplay. The game is available for both Android and iOS users. You can also visit here to Play Alchemy Stars on PC with the help of Android emulators.

Beginners Tips


Alchemy Stars is released recently in some states, and this game has unique gameplay. Due to its best features and unique gameplay, the Alchemy Stars game has become popular among players of different areas in the world. The game has multiple tasks for players, and it includes different types of characters known as Aurorian. There are main four types of characters Waters, Fire, Forest, and Thunder. All the characters are loaded with different features. The gameplay of this game is complex for new players. The tasks and missions of this game also need special strategies. The new players may feel difficulties in the game. The reward system of this game is also unique, and it has also a special method for level up. If you want to become an ideal player of this game you must know about everything in this game. The new players need some special tips and tricks to play this game. In this article, we will share some useful tips and tricks with Alchemy Stars players and also share some special strategies. After reading this article the Alchemy Stars players will be able to play the game effectively and become Champions.

Choose the best Elements for your team

As we discussed above that there are main four types of elements in this game. And overall there are more than 80 characters in the Alchemy Stars game. Before starting the game the first thing for players is to choose a team including different elements. The players who want to become champions of this game must include the best elements in their team. A team with many mono-element has great strength and high synergy. The players must choose a team including single element specialized characters. When the players choose characters from a single element they will perform well in the game. For beginners, the water element is best. We recommend the beginners do not use forest elements because it is more complicated. They can use Thunder and Forest element characters. So try to add characters from a single element for better results.

Understand the roles of characters


In this game, the characters have different roles and perform according to their roles. The role of a character may be Support, Sniper, Convertor, and Detonator. All these roles have different functions. Some characters are multi roles. The support is healer characters, and the converters help change the colors of tiles. The Snipers and Detonator are known as DPS units. The Snipers are helpful mostly in single-target damage and the Detonators are helpful in all areas of damage dealing. The players must choose the characters of different roles for powerful team building. When you add all these roles they will strengthen your team. A powerful team will help you to become the champion.

Connect more tiles

The tiles have a great role during the combats. There are different tiles available in the game, and the players have to connect with these tiles while attacking the enemies. We recommend the players to connect more and more tiles in this way they will easily defeat the enemies. It helps the players to deal with multiple enemies with a single target. When the players become able to connect 15 tiles then they will be able to activate a special mechanism named Aurora Time. This mechanism will help you to defeat your enemies faster.

Collect More Free Rewards


Alchemy Stars has a special reward system. The developers added multiple gifts to players to make the game more popular for players. These gifts are available in in-game mail, and the players can claim rewards. These rewards are for a limited time, and the players have to claim these rewards on time. The players can also get free rewards by taping on the chatting option. The players can chat with characters and get +5 Affinity. The Nightium and Lumamber can be earned by adding more friends. Along with these rewards, there are also daily, weekly and objectives missions that contain many rewards.

Make a secondary team with the best characters

When the beginners reach a certain stage where it is possible to make a secondary team. We recommend the players make a team counter to their primary team. The secondary team enables you to participate in the boss stages. In this way, you will be able to defeat the enemies with the counter teams.

How to download Alchemy Stars on PC?


Alchemy Stars is the best role-playing game with the best features. It can be played on different devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. Mainly the game is played on smartphones, but some players also want to play the game on PC. So we discuss the method to play Alchemy Stars on PC. You can play this game on PC easily by using Android emulators. There are many Android emulators available in the global market, but the lightest Android emulator is LDPlayer.

Introduction to this lightest android emulator

We know that Android emulators are used to Playing Android mobile games on PC. This kind of emulator performs the same function, but it has a lighter weight and some unique features. Due to its lightweight, it is best for PC systems, and it is also 100% safe and secure for players. It has the best graphics and a simple interface.

How can I download this emulator?


We can get it downloaded freely by the following simple steps.

  1. Visit the official website and avoid third-party websites.
  2. Tap on the Android emulator and click the download button.

3.The process of download may take few seconds.

  1. After this, Install this android emulator on your PC.
  2. Open the app and go to its game store to download your favorite games.