Beating up your competition and coming out on top is hard enough on its own, let alone when there are multiple sides to go against. Whatever you are doing in life you will surely come face to face with multiple people and/or organizations who are trying to do the same thing. This will off course make them your enemies in the sense of business and market share. If you want to beat them and rise above them, there are certain things you will have to do to make it happen.

Winning your first contest is definitely not easy, but there are certain things you can do to make it happen. If you have entered the type of contest or competition where you have to appeal to as many people as you can and earn their vote, do not worry. Modern means of technology have made it easier to reach faraway people and this is exactly what one needs to utilize to win an online contest. If you are looking to boost your total number of votes on your next contest, make sure to visit this site. They specialize in getting their customers all sorts of votes for any type of contest or poll.

Appealing to the Audience


So you have an important contest coming up and the only way to win is to get more people to pick your thing above everyone else’s. You do not know where to start and how to attract enough voters. Despite your product, art piece, message, or service being above average and generally better than the rest, you just cannot seem to get the right attention to it and make people realize they are better off with it in their lives. In the following section, you can learn what and how you can use to help your case.

1. Make it Easy

If you serve it up for people and make it as straightforward as possible, you will have more votes. People dislike having to fill out long polls or do more than a few simple clicks for something. Therefore, overly complicated things rarely succeed. Dumb it down as much as possible and make it known exactly what you need. Being concise and strategic is key here.

2. Make it Pretty

Visuals have always been important no matter what you do. Think of ways in which you can improve whatever it is you are trying to achieve. Since it is online, there are multiple ways how you can make your entry in the contest stand out.

3. Check the Competition

It will be easier to win if you know exactly who you are competing against. The best way to check on the competitors is to see how they are trying to get more votes, where they are looking for more people to notice them, and most of all, if it is working. If not, good for you. Do something else. If it is giving positive results, try to implement a similar tactic and make it your own. If you simply copy it, people might suspect you lack originality and not give you their vote.

Engage Your Loved Ones


Chances are you have a lot of people who care about you in your life. Members of your immediate and extended family should be among those who wish you nothing but positive things and overall success. Therefore, make sure they are among the ones to cast the first batch of votes towards your final goal. They will also know about it first and give you a necessary boost right from the start. These should be the certain votes you know you will get because of course, they will pick you over strangers every time around.

Then come the friends you have in your life. Think about who means you well, who has been there for you when things were tough, and who you yourself would do anything for. Ask them politely to support you and if they truly mean you well they will do it without questions. People usually have more friends than family so this group is crucial for your win. Friends also come in many different forms other than your own close, personal ones. Your family friends, the people your parents and grandparents know, as well as neighbors and people from your community are all potential voters. Depending on how well they know you, your family, and what you are about, you can surely count on some of their votes no matter if it is an art contest, something for the community, or one of the many other award-based contests.

Use Social Media


Since the contest is on the web, you are probably already using the web as a powerful ally. Many of such competitions, polls, and contests nowadays are on platforms like Facebook. If yours is the same, share your post daily, link it to all of your Facebook friends, and remind them to vote on your story feed. What is more, expand to other platforms like Instagram and TikTok since most people have those as well. Increasing your presence and reach will guarantee success. If you already have followers on all of these, it would be smart to use them from the start especially if not everyone who knows you is following you on all the different platforms.

Since the loved ones like friends and family are already covered, with this step you will reach your old school friends, college buddies, work friends, and all the acquaintances you have as friends and followers. Make it known that this is something important for you and that you have dreamed about winning it or reaching such a goal for years. Now that it is finally here, you need the support of people who care for you. When everyone you have online realizes it, you will have votes coming from every side. More importantly, the people will share your thing themselves, further increasing your reach and presenting you to their own Facebook friends and Instagram followers. Remember, it is all about the further spread of information because people cannot vote for you if they do not know you.