This summer, you can expect particularly bold styles and designs in the fashion world. With influences from the 90s and 80s, you’ll see looks like white knee-high boots, silky head scarfs, yellow handbags, and folk inspired coats. Find some inspiration and spice up your summer wardrobe with these hot summer trends.

Boyfriend jackets


Inspired by the 80s, boyfriend jackets with oversized shoulder pads are an effortless chic aesthetic this summer. These oversized blazers let you create long lines and play with shapes. The shoulder pads create the illusion of a cinched waist and elongated legs, and you can dress them up or down for any occasion. For an extra modern look, pair your oversized jacket with leather shorts or straight leg pants. According to the most popular colors for boyfriend jackets this summer are charcoal, light blue, and neutrals.

Pastel tones


Pastel tones are dominating the color trends this summer and will probably stick around for several more seasons. Complementary with a wide variety of skin tones, these sorbet-inspired colors are fresh and light, making them perfect for spring and summer. To get this chic look, try a boiler suit in lavender or a trench coat in mint green. Mix and match pastels in suits or separates for combined hues that enhance your overall aesthetic.

Blue accessories


Monochrome outfits are a go-to style, and you can make your outfit pop with blue bags and accessories. Stand out from the crowd by wearing a gray or black monochrome outfit with a duck egg blue bucket hat, royal blue handbag or cobalt blue boots. The bright pop of blue really stands out against the deeper shades of your outfit. One of the best things about this trend is the unlimited number of options when combining your favorite accessories with endless shades of blue.

Desert daze


Another hot color trend this summer is stunning desert palettes inspired by the sky, land, and sea. These desert shades range from bright glimmering blues and yellows, to earthy reds and greens, and complimentary neutrals like browns, grays, and creams. It doesn’t matter if your personal style is athletic, boho, glam, or something in between, these spring and summer colors work with every fashion style. Try mixing and matching different desert daze shades, combining structured and soft fabrics, pairing with jeans, or including embroidery details on a midi dress.

Bags with fringe


Let your handbag make a statement with one of this summer’s trendiest look — fringed bags. From short tassels for a hint of style to long tassels that drag on the ground for over-the-top impact, you’ll turn heads and feel chic with this style of handbag. Fringed handbags come in a wide variety of looks for any event, like leather fringe, shearling, dark colors for a more classic look, or bold hues for a statement piece. Shake up your look and your style this summer with this one accessory.

Every one of these styles is a source of inspiration and creation for your summer wardrobe. Choose one or more of these bold trends and you can play a role in this season’s hottest looks. So go grab a powder blue oversized boyfriend blazer or a bright yellow handbag with extra long fringe and add something new to your closet.

Straps and Strings Are Also Pretty Popular This Summer

The influence of the 00s is still present and visible on every corner. If you are a big fan of pop music from that period, then wearing different string details is going to be mathable with your style and taste.

We would like to highlight a couple of examples that will probably inspire you. Let’s say that you like to wear the type of dress that ties at the shoulder. In that case, we recommend you skip the neat bows and do something else. It would be much better to crisscross the straps or simply tie them to one side instead.

It is good to mention that TikTok, one of the most popular social media platforms, is responsible for this type of trend. Many girls on that network are wearing this type of clothes because they look gorgeous and feel comfortable. You should check out whether this trend meets your requirements and expectations or not.

Anyway, another thing we need to highlight is that this trend is definitely not for people that are not ready to spend some time to be creative. It is a typical DIY fashionable trend that you can experiment with all the time.

Mini Skirts


As mentioned, the influence of the 80s and 90s is a lot stronger this summer compared to the fashion trends from the 00s. That is probably the reason why mini skirts are one of the hot fashion trends this summer as well. Indeed, they were mostly popular during the 60s, but their popularity has turned back in the 90s and it seems it is turning back in 2024 as well.

Ladies love wearing mini skirts for two simple reasons. First of all, it helps them look more physically attractive! Despite that, mini skirts are comfortable, especially during the days with high temperatures. If you want to look even nicer, then we suggest you mix the mini skirt with the oversized shirt. That is one of the trends during this summer. Additionally, you can wear some sandals to improve your physical appearance and feel more comfortable.

Crop Tops – Why Not?


Crop tops are not a new thing in the fashion world. However, just like some of the previous trends we mentioned in this article, they are becoming more and more popular among people. Because of that, we suggest ladies to try them out and make their summer more comfortable that way.

Wearing crop tops is actually pretty simple, and you do not have to be too creative person to match it with some other pieces of clothes. For instance, you can mix them with the bottoms that will ensure higher coverage level. In case you plan to wear them for more informal occasions, then bike shorts can be a great choice. ON the other hand, wearing it with bermudas can be even a bit more casual.

During the colder nights, you can mix the crop tops with the baggy jeans or even trousers. Anyway, the point here is to experiment with things and try to find the combination that will be the best one for you.