Kids love the summer season because they can have as much fun as they want, but adults should never feel left out because they can always try some hot summer blind date ideas. Everyone has a preference when it comes to blind dates or first dates with someone you may have just met online. What you need to understand is that despite the misnomer, a blind date is not always “blind,” as you already know a bit about the person.

Things are getting much better with dating sites where you can find blind dates. Online dating also can help you have a vague idea about your partner, including basic preferences for entertainment, food, and activities. Knowing all this can help you plan a successful and memorable date where you can have a lot of fun while getting to know your partner better. All you have to do is to choose the right website and create a killer profile that highlights all your best aspects.

Thanks to instant messaging, voice chat, and even video chat, you can now discuss all your preferences and listen to your partner’s ideas before planning a date. But, if you are still open to suggestions, here are some ideas to try:

Go Dancing at an Outside Concert


Going to a concert is always a cool way of enjoying your time with your partner. Both of you would love the fun atmosphere, live music, and positive energy. Be sure to discuss the option with your partner and talk about musicians before you finalize this date idea. To make your date more memorable, you can show some dancing skills, and no one would judge you for how good – or bad – you are. Even if you cannot shake a leg, it will still help bring a smile to your partner’s face and that is what matters the most. And soon after the date, if you think there is potential here, why not do a nightcap? Get some coffee and keep chatting to get to know more about your newfound love.

Sushi or Pizza on the Waterfront


Going for dinner on your date night is always on the cards, but it could backfire as well. As you do not know your partner very well, and sometimes people are not exactly the way they portray them online, so it may become uncomfortable to spend a lot of time with your partner. A safer option would be to plan a pizza date where you can spend some time with your potential partner and decide how to go ahead. Pick a pizza place carefully and ensure that you have done some research about the quality of food they offer. To make it more fun, look for places where you could eat or drink on the waterfront. Add sushi to the menu if pizza does not work well for your partner, but pick the venue carefully.

Pool or Beach Fun


How could you keep water out of the picture when it is hot out there, and you want to have some fun with your partner? Plan a beach day with your blind date, and you would love every minute you spend together. Dip your toes in the water while discussing your plans, or engage in some water sports like boogie boarding, boating, or surfing for a rush of adrenaline. For someone considering them more of a sand person, plan a picnic on the beach. All you have to do is set up your blanket with beers and enjoy chatting with your partner while witnessing those beautiful waves crash. A walk along the shore would also help bring you two closer.

If the beach seems a bit too crowded, you may arrange a pool party and invite your date as your special guest. You can even arrange a date night by the pool. Get things started with the ambiance of warm pool lighting while sipping cocktails by the water. You can enjoy a pool-sided dinner for the two of you. Alternatively, you can dance in the moonlight, watch a movie while floating around in the pool, or simply go for a swim.

Walk in the Park and Ice Cream


Arranging a romantic picnic at the park is yet another great way to meet your partner for the first time. It may be an old idea, but it always works because you feel much better after getting some fresh air. Get some wine and add some cheese to the plan, and it will feel like having fun in a vineyard. You can set up a blanket and cuddle up for a while to enjoy the lazy afternoon. Afterward, you can get some ice cream and capture some sweet memories. And to make it even better, consider going to a tourist destination in your hometown. Be sure to spend some time communicating with your date about their favorite spots. Instant messengers on dating sites would help communicate and create a list of historic sites and landmarks in your city. Use this option!

Go Kayaking Together


The time you spend interacting through a dating site would give you an idea about what your dating partner truly loves. And if it feels that they are more into trying some adventurous date ideas, why not go kayaking together? Of course, the idea works when you have a body of water near you. But, it works perfectly to break the ice and distract you from the fact that you are meeting for the first time. In case your date is not that interested in water sports, try hiking, as it works perfectly for active adventurers. Spend a day in nature with someone you find interesting.

The fact of the matter is that the summertime is perfect for having some fun with your dating partner. Be sure to use these opportunities because before you even realize it, it will be the end of summer, and you will be trading in your t-shirts for snuggly sweaters. While there is sun-soaking and amazing 90-degree days, go and grab your dating partner and try some of the best summer date ideas to turn your meeting into something memorable.