Player experience is the biggest factor that affects the duration of the game, progress, and everything that makes up the game. For example, completely new players can play a game three times longer before reaching a certain level. Playing can take much longer if you want to complete all the tasks on the road. Although all players can’t wait to reach the highest level, you must know that your game does not end here.

You will have a lot of work after that, as well as a lot of fun content. However, if you want to succeed, you should focus on the key things. This refers to the characters, their skills, side tasks, and everything else.

The level system in Lost Ark


Before you start this journey, you need to find out how the level system works in this game. So, if you want to face challenging content as soon as possible, you have to be patient and diligent in order to get to the end. There, a real adventure awaits you together with other players. Your level is divided into two parts. This means that there is a character level and an account level. You also need to know that there are limitations if new content is integrated into the game. The speed of progress depends solely on you or your style of play. For example, some players will be able to run through the level phase while others will be more detailed when completing tasks. Such players will probably pay attention to every stone, leaf and completely forget about time. Fortunately, there are several ways to speed up this process.

We must not forget the PvP battles. However, if you are afraid to participate, do not do so until you are at the highest level. The principle of so-called alts in MMOs is welcome in this game as well. In that case, raise the level of more than one character, because that will automatically allow you to unlock the content faster at the end of the game. This also applies to the tasks that you will perform on a daily basis per character but also instances that you will wait for a few days. Bypass time limits by leveling multiple characters, as this will increase your account faster.

The difference between an account and character level


When it comes to this game, there are two levels that are important to you. The character level is known for being taller, stronger and contains better skills that you can use. If you reach level 50 you will have the opportunity to enjoy the most interesting content at the end of the game. The account level is a value that increases more slowly and this happens in parallel with raising the level of your characters.

That is why it is recommended to play with more characters. You can get bonuses all over the place. For example, it could be increased vitality for characters or some items that give you valuable currencies in the game. You will notice these bonuses in the background as you complete your quests and your Adventurer’s Tome.

Levels 10-35


To reach the max level, you can use different tips and tricks. However, you need to apply them from the beginning. So start with level 10. When you open this version of the game, skip the prologue and move on to the next level of leveling. It will be very easy to achieve success because all you need to do is follow the story quest. You will notice them on the map because they are orange. You don’t have to complete side missions, just stick to the main story. You will agree with us that this is really the fastest way through the game. If you want to progress even faster, you should consider Lost Ark boosting. We won’t go into details about it, you can find everything about it when you visit this website.

However, there are a few more tips that will help you. For example, focus on drinks during the very beginning of the game. It will be very useful for you to travel fast. Also, finish Dungeons solo and in Normal mode. Don’t worry about the equipment, because it will definitely change up to 50 levels. The red zone quest is equally important, and it will appear to you when you go through certain areas. You can also use Dash and mounts to your advantage because many characters have additional mobility skills that are valuable.

Levels 35-50


Now that you have access to Sailing, you will change the course of your game. For example, you will no longer focus on regular orange tasks but will explore the whole world until you complete the blue tasks. So, this part of the game includes the Tortoyk – Anikka – Arthetine route. In these places, you will find missions that you must complete in order to continue to progress. You can also choose your path as you complete missions. Remember that some paths are harder than others, but they can also be more attractive because of the challenge. We can say that there are two ways to play this game.

You can finish everything or hurry to the end. If you are not experienced enough, it is best not to rush and limit missions to the daily level. Just like other MMO titles, it is important to establish good communication with fellow players in order to be more successful in team fights. Advances classes have a positive effect on your rating, so think before you make a final decision about the class. You can opt for Gunner, Warrior, Mage, Martial Artist, or Assassin.


Lost Ark is a game that asks players a lot of questions, but provides even more fun. There is a lot of content for research. However, in order to reach the highest level, you need to know how the leveling system works, as well as all the tricks you can use on the way to your goal. Try to complete as many missions as possible and remove as many enemies as possible, but don’t forget the limits you will experience before you reach the maximum value.