Hiring a moving company can be a hassle. You need to decide on a date for the pickup of furniture, set the delivery schedule, execute a moving contract with the company and there is a lot more to do. In fact, the first step is to hire the right moving company from thousands of options available.

However, fortunately, there are many ways in which the hiring process can be smoothened. This article will guide you over few things that you should know about hiring the right movers.

1. Get the research done

Moving companies are available in abundance. This is why you need to get the research done in an effective manner. The starting point should be researching at least 15 moving companies. Research their history. You should understand what they stand for. Know the details which will be involved in the moving process. For example, know whether packing will be done by the mover or the customer. The research can be started online and thereafter, you may even visit the offices. Having the research done is recommendable since it enables you to make the right choice. That said, the important thing here is to make sure the movers you’re planning to hire cover the locations where the move will be taking place. Find Green Van Lines as a versatile team of licensed and trusted professionals you can count on for consultation or specific services.

2. Know the mover type

There are hundreds of types of movers out there. Thus, it is obvious that you should first settle on the type of mover you want to hire. Make sure that you have fully understood the different types of movers in the market. The type that you want to hire will determine the next hiring process. For example, you should understand the basic differences between intrastate and interstate movers. Know about the distance which the movers will undertake to travel. Understanding these concerns will enable you to make the right choice.

3. Ask questions


Customers should never be embarrassed by asking questions. It is the key to making the right choice. Before making the final hiring, make sure that you set up a dedicated appointment with the moving company. This meeting should only be dedicated to asking questions. Conduct interviews, either in person or online to get an idea of how the company operates. This enables you to narrow down the options that you have listed. These questions should relate to experience, expertise, quality standard, customer service, and related things. As a result, you will be able to hire the right professional service. Some professional services such as provide comprehensive answers to the questions being asked.

4. Mover estimates

Before hiring any moving company, you need to understand mover estimates. You should know which estimate may be the best for your situation. Sometimes, such estimates can cause confusion. However, these confusions can be eliminated by talking to the moving company. Figure out what is being offered by the moving company and whether the same will be the right option for you. Some estimates can be binding on you if accepted while some are non-binding and there is room for negotiations.

5. Understand the costs


Understanding the costs beforehand is one of the wisest decisions that you can be made in order to make the right hiring decision. Sometimes the estimates can be very low and you only find out later that the costs are excessively high. They may charge additional charges which the customer may not have anticipated. Some moving companies do have hidden costs. Thus, it is important to understand at the outset in order to avoid any surprises. Be clear whether any additional charges will be imposed. This can even include insurance and taxation fees which a lot of customers do not know about.

6. Complaint registries

This is something that a lot of people do not know about. It is always advisable to go through different complaint registries. It is an ideal source where proper research can be done. You will come across various devices from customers. These registries will provide you will practical insights into the actual customer experiences. It will be reflective of all the complaints registered against the moving company. Hence, it enables a customer to make the right choice and think twice before hiring any company.

7. Go through the FAQs


FAQs stand for frequently asked questions. It highlights valuable information. FAQs will answer a number of questions. For example, it may reflect the responsibilities of the moving company. It may even show whether the moving company is registered with the competent authority. Understanding the answers to these FAQs may give you a clearer option as to how the moving process will turn out to be. Thus, do not skip FAQs at all.

8. Legitimacy of a company

Unfortunately, it has become much easier to scam and fraud people. There are many moving companies on the Internet that do not exist in real. These are mere scams. This is why it is important to ensure that the company you are intending to hire is a legitimate entity. This can be done by visiting the mover in person. You can also check the licensing information on the relevant website.

9. Contractual information


This is one of the most overlooked aspects while hiring any moving company. It is of paramount importance that you take all the contractual information from the company before the execution of any contract. The contract must cover all the terms and conditions which include rates, charges, the liability of the mover, delivery dates, indemnification in an event of an accident, and dispute resolution mechanism. Make sure the document is read with utmost care. It is common for disputes to arise and therefore, the contract should be drafted in a manner to protect the customer. Otherwise, it may cost you a great deal of time and money.

10. Season to move

The final thing that you need to consider before hiring any mover is to understand the seasons in which the moving process should be carried out. Experts are of the view that the moving should be done during winters. This is because you will get a better rate. Summers are busiest and therefore, rates are at their peak.