Hearing the word Halloween brings back a sweet smile to our faces as we go back to our childhood, it’s not just a festive feeling for ourselves; every child and adult waits for this amazing day filled with horror related stuff and quirky things, let’s not forget about “Trick or Treats.”

I wish I could say the same thing about our beloved pets, but alas, it’s not the same case for them, as it can be a very tricky and unpleasant feeling for them, sometimes it can be harmful to them too.

Thus you think it will be a horrendous time for any pet owner, and some of you might even give up the thought of celebrating the day as you think you can’t keep your pets’ safe, but do not stress over it, as it’s not that tough job to accomplish. Nowadays, according to Pet Dog Planet, there are numerous pet care tips websites that will help you to lessen your stress.

1. Keep Them Away From Candies Of Trick-or-treats


Some of you sometimes feed whatever you eat to your pets, but do you know much that can be dangerous to them?

So the first and most important rule you should follow for your pets’ safety is- Do not feed your pet just anything, even if it’s edible by humans. That does not mean it can’t be poisonous for them.

You need to be extremely careful what your pets’ consume, especially during the festive time as at this time everyone keeps a huge stack of all kinds of candies, sweets, and chocolates.

These all can cause severe food poisoning for them, especially any type of chocolates, like dark chocolates that are used in baking. This type of poisoning is called “Chocolate poisoning,” the symptoms that you need to take note of this are – rapid breathing, increased heart rate, vomiting, diarrhea, and seizures.

Not just chocolates, the candies of Halloween also harms your pets, as they contain artificial sweeteners, like xylitol, which can be lethal for dogs.

A small amount of these candies containing xylitol leads to a rapid drop in blood sugar and then the loss of coordination to seizures, and even can cause liver failure in dogs. Everyone should be vigilant about such things to avoid any misfortune.

2. Make Sure Your Pet Does Not Leave The House Even To The Yard


During this time, it’s better to keep one’s pet away from hidden and unexpected dangers, as one might not be able to keep an eye all the time.

Youngsters are known for their mischievous behavior and their pranks, which sometimes tend to be extreme, which can lead to dangerous situations and even lead to injuries to anyone, not to mention pets’.

They are at risk the most, especially if you have a black cat, as some associate Halloween and black cats together, thus making them easy targets for those pranksters. Even animal shelters become very strict during this period.

Make sure you keep all your pets safe and sound, indoors away from dangers.

3. Keep An Eye On Your Pets Even If They Are Indoor And Keep Them Away From The Door

As mentioned above, not let your pet outside to keep them safe from pranks, but that is not enough.

At that time, everyone’s doorbell keeps ringing all the time, and as always, pets run to the door first, but that can be a very scary experience for them. As the visitors at the door wear unusual and quirky outfits, it might be a shock to them and may lead to surprising aggression and escape attempts.

You might have to keep your pet confined in a room, away from the doors and unwanted events.

4. Keeping Glow Sticks Away From Your Pets


These sticks are used to help people on Halloween night, to keep them safe and find their way. As much it is helpful to us humans, it’s harmful to those innocent little pets.

Though it does not contain any toxic chemicals or materials in the sticks which might be harmful to them, it’s taste might ruin your pet’s mood.

Try to avoid this unpleasant event happening to your pet but if your pet does chew some of it, first wash their mouth with fresh water, then try to feed them a small meal to completely remove the after taste.

5. Keep Halloween Plants Out Of Reach Of Your Pets


During the time, Halloween plants tend to be everywhere, such as pumpkins and corn.

Though we can feed small amounts of these to your pet, uncooked any of these can cause gastrointestinal issues, even intestinal blockade for them.

Keep such a thing away from them.

6. Keep Lanterns Away From Your Pets

People like to express their festive feeling by lighting, especially on Halloween; pumpkin lights are a must in every household.

Pet owners need to make sure that they decorate, light lanterns out of pets’ reach. To avoid any unnecessary injuries and drama at the time.

7. Keeping Electric And Other Decorative Materials Out Of Your Pets Reach


As time passes, people change to electric and battery-powered decorations from open candles, as it is safer and can easily be handled.

Even so, it might not be the case for your pets as they might think that this luminous stuff is a toy, and they try to play with it and chew them.

Which can lead to having electric shocks or burn, if they swallow it, that might cause a blockage. Keep this thing out of your pet’s reach and if possible, reduce the decorations.

8. Do Not Annoy Your Pets With Costumes


You might really want to dress your pet up during Halloween, but have you thought that it may not be the case for them.

Before anything else, you need to know if they feel comfortable in it or not. The clothes should be breathable and do not cause a skin rash.

9. Try Costumes Out A Night Before

If you really intend to dress them up, you might as well try them a night before to see if they fit them or it’s comfortable or not.

This will also allow them to get used to it.

10. Proper Identification


Do not neglect to recheck if your pet’s identification details are updated or not, update the microchips conditions with the company.

Make sure to wear their tags properly, so if unfortunately they get lost or something. Looking for them will be easier in the sea of people everywhere if someone found them, they will easily locate you.