Many of Canada’s fastest-growing companies have a focus on gardening, and we’re not talking about gardening tomatoes or fresh herbs for the kitchen. Starting indoor weed gardens seemed to be the trend of the year, and with a year like 2024, can you really blame people for wanting easier access to marijuana?

Cannabis companies of all kinds haven’t just seen a major boost in profits over the year – more like the past decade – and 2024 is expected to be even more lucrative for those specializing in growing equipment. You could chalk this up to the fact that more people are interested in testing out their green thumbs, but there’s much more to it than just that.

There’s no doubt about the fact that any company specializing in growing equipment has a good chance of surviving in today’s world – especially in Canada – and here are a few reasons why.

More People Are Choosing to Grow from Home


This first reason for the steady growth of grow equipment companies actually has a lot of reasons behind it. Yes, more people are choosing to grow from home, and there’s not just one explanation for that. There are many, like legality (more on that next) and just general interest in starting a new hobby.

But the main one is that people just want easy access to cannabis. Growing from home is definitely the ideal route to take for easy access. Starting an indoor grow op completely cuts out the need to visit local dispensaries or browse for cannabis products online.

It does, however, create the need to invest in growing equipment, but with major online retailers like Amazon and Walmart, it’s a lot easier to buy equipment like grow lights, ventilation, grow tents, or whatever you could possibly need for indoor cannabis growing.

Marijuana Laws Are Changing


This is probably the #1 reason why cannabis companies of all kinds – not just for growing, but also for retail cannabis products – have seen a massive boost in sales. While laws become more progressive, more people are legally allowed to grow from home, and for law-abiding citizens, that means it’s finally time to start an indoor grow op.

The Cannabis Act has completely opened the doors for at-home growing, allowing every household (except for those in Quebec or Manitoba) a small weed garden of 4 plants. That fact in itself is enough of an explanation for the thriving market of indoor grow equipment.

More Medical Grow Licenses Are Being Issued

For a small garden of 4 plants, there’s not much that’s needed in terms of equipment aside from a small grow light and basic tent. Larger grow ops, however, require full-on grow kits that include everything from hygrometers and thermometers to carbon filters and carbon dioxide generators.

Many people in Canada have found a way to grow more than 4 plants, and it’s still totally legal. With the right medical grow license, some Canadians are running personal at-home grow ops with hundreds of plants.

Setups like these require a lot of equipment, which once again explains the thriving market behind grow kit Canada products like these ones.

Dispensary Supply Can’t Always Keep Up with Demand


Remember how in that first section it was mentioned that more people are growing from home for a variety of different reasons? Well, here’s another one of those reasons.

It’s become obvious since Canada legalized recreational weed that the demand for cannabis is high. A BBC article from 2019 even says that “when Canada legalized marijuana just over a year ago, it seemed like anyone who was anyone wanted to break into the market.”

What has become even more obvious is that the supply isn’t always capable of keeping up with this high demand.

Because of that, shortages happen, and even if a dispensary doesn’t run out of products altogether, it often runs out of the top-selling stuff that people are most interested in buying. So instead of relying on dispensaries to always carry your favorite products, the new thought process is this: why not just grow my favorite stuff from home?

People are starting to figure out that it’s nice to have control oversupply and demand, and the only real way to do that is to start an indoor garden.

Dispensary Prices Aren’t Always Fair


Once again, this next point is another big explanation of why more people are choosing to grow from home. Dispensary prices are high, and while many people argue that’s just what you get for buying legal products instead of turning to the Black Market, there’s a solution, and you can probably guess what it is.

The easiest way around high dispensary prices in Canada (at least the easiest legal way) is to grow 4 recreational plants or apply for a medical license to grow more. This doesn’t come without expenses, especially in the beginning, but it’s definitely an easy way to eliminate the need for high-priced dispensary products.

All of these reasons are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to explaining why to grow equipment companies are thriving and will continue to do so in 2024.

Growing Has Turned Into a Therapeutic Hobby for Some


While many are turning to grow kit companies in Canada and growing from home out of necessity, others are doing it merely, well, for something to do. 2024 was a weird year for all of us, and we found ourselves trapped at home with nowhere to go and nothing to do. That was motivation enough for some to start a new hobby like indoor growing.

Some people chose to fill their time with DIY crafting or home organization projects while others decided to invest in grow lights and take on an indoor garden. Just as it’s always been, this hobby quickly phased out and didn’t stick for some, but for the ones who fell in love with it, growing is now something they’ll do for the rest of their lives.

A big reason for this is that it’s rewarding to see the finished product start from tiny seeds or clones and transform into plants with beefy buds. Another reason, though, is that people are finally starting to see the benefits to indoor plants, like reduced stress levels, improved attention to detail, and the therapeutic aspect.