Thinking about getting better and improving your cooking skills? Both men and women will enjoy diving into the world of some delicious meals and delights, just with the right level of expertise! One way to do gain the needed knowledge is by going to a culinary school. Have no experience when it comes to cooking, but are still passionate about it? That’s completely fine! Keep on reading and understand how easy it is to cook + understand all of your options when it comes to different culinary schools.

Can you go to culinary school with no experience?


Everyone will ask you what is your experience level like in the food industry when signing up to any school, doesn’t matter if it is an online platform or an actual in-person class. Some schools may want you to have experience in this field, especially if they are strict and they have limited space in their classes (this might apply to some more advanced & popular schools). The more experienced you are, the higher the chances of you getting into the school or your class are. However, this doesn’t apply to every class or every school, and this can vary quite a lot.

Some schools will accept newbies


Some schools are fine with you having no practical experience. They will let you in on your options, and you will also go through an interview to furthermore understand your possibilities and capabilities. There are usually different classes in terms of their length and advancement, just stick to one that suits your levels of expertise, and talk the process through with your school.

What you will need + what to expect


There are some basics and ground rules that are expected from you, and these especially apply to your work with kitchen appliances. Most courses will want you to:

  1. Have basic knowledge of how to work common kitchen appliances
  2. Food safety
  3. Hygiene maintenance

It is also important to understand your future goals. Are you going to become a chef, or do you want to become better when it comes to your everyday cooking for your friends and family, or simply for yourself? Have all the answers to these questions before you get into the business, or before you commit to one school and one class in particular.

Top 4 rules to remember & follow


1. Know that it can be quite intense

A professional kitchen of any kind is more intense and complex than the one at your home, that’s for sure. Know that the space is tight and well-organized, it can get pretty steamy, and most tools are sharper than you’d expect them to be. It is a fast-paced environment and your classes might be a bit more challenging than you’d think, especially at first. You should prepare yourself and gather the needed knowledge, as well as patience before you begin doing some major tasks in your kitchen.

2. You could get hurt

When we say hurt, we don’t mean something major or scary. A minor injury is more than likely to happen, especially if you are a beginner. Everything is new & unusual for you, and you are just getting started and are getting familiar with your tools. Make sure that you are patient and cautious, and don’t use some foreign tools at first. You could also prepare and grab a couple of bandaids, just in case you end up making a wrong move. Don’t worry and rather have a relaxed approach.

3. Expect it to become your main focus

You will think about all the little & new appliances, ways of preparing/cutting food, and you will also try to perfect each new skill that you end up learning. Some people even end up having vivid dreams about their everyday cooking jobs since this hobby can truly get under your skin. Most cooks and master chefs know how to pass on the needed knowledge. They will make the process even more amusing and interesting with their stories, and you will never get bored of constant trials & errors. Everyone will easily hop onto this board, and you will enjoy being given some positive criticism.

4. You won’t become a chef overnight

Be prepared (mentally) for your journey, and have realistic expectations. At your chosen school you will learn all the basics, and you will slowly perfect your knowledge as time goes on. With this school and your degree, you can easily get a job in most restaurants or cafes! If you end up choosing a well-known school or a fancy master class, everyone will recognize it and they will look forward to working with you. In the end, you will value and cherish your diploma + it can come in handy sometimes down the road, you never know where life can take you!

Where to find the perfect culinary school?


Not too sure where to begin your research, or you’re not too sure which school is the best for you? Culinary Lab School you can experience it all! You can learn alongside eight skilled crew members that have the needed knowledge that they will easily pass onto you. They also have pastry school classes, home cook classes, and they do private events! This school is all about the hands-on teaching approach + there are no boring textbooks or yawn-worthy lectures. You will have a fun time while getting all the needed basics and facts checked!

Ready to master the basics and start cooking as of today?


Are you ready to dive into the world of delicious meals or pastries? A lot of people are not too sure where & how to start. Luckily for you, we have answered some of your most-asked questions, and we would love to see you start learning new skills asap! Let us know how good of a cook are you, and if you plan on mastering some new dishes. If so, which ones? We would love to know!