The holidays are here! ‘Tis the season for gift-giving to family and friends. We know some people, especially teens and preteens, can be hard to shop for. Sure, you want to get them something meaningful and appreciated, but what are kids even into these days? Read on for four suggestions that are sure to please any adolescent.

1. Pins

If you’ve got a preteen or teen in your life, chances are they’re getting increasingly hard to shop for. Enter: pins. These handy trinkets are fantastic accessories to any wardrobe that’ll show off unique personalities and expressions. And best of all? These accessories are popular in this age group, making their way onto bags, backpacks, jackets, and more. Whether your teen is raving over a specific cartoon character, meme, or book, pins can be customized and personalized with countless designs. If you’ve already got a hunch, we recommend these custom pins with The/Studio. Pins make great stocking stuffers that consistently work to bring a smile out of your teen or preteen. Score!

2. Phone or Tablet Accessories


The world is rapidly changing! Like it or not, most teens and preteens have phones or tablets these days – and these technologies are becoming increasingly common with younger crowds. Luckily, your loved ones have a bounty of customizable accessories that’ll make smile-worthy holiday gifts.

Look into new phone and tablet cases, chargers, headphones, and headphone cases. We especially love silicone case options with their many colors, patterns, and unique personalizations via text or images.

3. Stickers

Much like pins, stickers are a popular way to add flair to everyday objects. Laptops, water bottles, tablets, and the backs of cell phones are all popular places to slap on a sticker. But we’re not talking about your ordinary craft aisle sticker – think larger with decals! Purchase stickers online or in-store; you’ll find everything from famous art pieces to video game characters and more. The possibilities are endless here!

We recommend buying stickers directly from artists online, making you feel good about supporting smaller artisan businesses and your purchase. Talk about a win-win!

4. Water bottles or Travel Mugs


Alright, hear us out. Water bottles are admittedly more popular with teens than preteens, but you’d be surprised to see their reaction over a thoughtful water bottle or travel mug. With the addition of stickers or customizable text, consider these gifts your teens’ newest art project – a statement piece to reflect their unique personalities. And beyond this, today’s teenagers are often environmentally conscious, preferring reusable drink containers over single-use plastics.

Here’s another idea: pair a travel cup or water bottle with a reusable straw kit. Perfect for on-the-go or lazying around at home, reusable straw kits and their handy cleaning brushes have perfected the art of multiple-use hydration.

5. Gift With Confidence

Adolescence is hard, but finding a great gift doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re looking to customize a gift or keep it simple, we hope these four gift ideas jump-start a meaningful purchase for your eye-rolling loved ones. And remember, it’s the thought that counts!