If the friend you are gifting is of a different religious confession than you are – it is important to consider what certain items may mean to him. Cultural and religious affiliation is very important in the choice and style of gift-giving. If you have a friend of the Muslim faith – we suggest 5 gift ideas that will help you make a good choice.

Gifts In Islam And Other Cultures


The question of choosing a gift for friends is not just about the cost you can afford. If the recipient is a foreigner or a person of another religion – it is important to consider what individual items may mean to that person, depending on what culture he or she belongs to. In some parts of the world, you should pay attention even to the style in which the gift is delivered – specifically to posture and gestures. In places where corruption is a burning issue –  it is imperative to be careful and moderate with gifts so that your gesture is not interpreted as a bribe. In Malaysia, gifting is not recommended before a business or friendly relationship has developed. In other parts of the world, especially in western culture – giving is generally accepted and friends are expected to exchange appropriate signs of attention to show respect and facilitate rapprochement.

Gifts To Muslims


In collectivist Eastern cultures, the individual must know what place belongs to him in the wider community and adapt to it. For every social situation – there is a strict protocol that must be followed to avoid insults of honor. For example, in the Middle East, religious customs dictate more strongly the choice and manner of giving gifts. For example, you will not give items made out of pigskin items to Jews and Muslims – nor offer them pork at a business meal. It is also not advisable to give non-food products that contain alcohol, such as perfumes, to members of the Islamic religion. Chastity is highly respected in Islamic culture. Therefore, gifts such as sculptures or paintings depicting a naked or naked body – especially a woman, are out of the question. You should know that Muslim women should be treated very restrainedly and decently. However, you can afford a little more freedom among secular European or Turkish Muslims.

Best Gift Ideas For Your Muslim Friend

The biggest religious ceremonial occasion for Muslims is Ramadan-Bayram, but in addition to religious holidays – Muslims also celebrate other significant days in their lives such as weddings, birthdays, births of children, etc. Also, if you want to give a dear friend and you do not always need a special occasion. It is enough that you want to make your beloved friend happy and thus show your respect and affection. When choosing a gift, you can always be guided by what that person likes – but make sure you do not offend anyone’s religious feelings. Even mere ignorance can put you in a situation that can be more or less uncomfortable. Therefore, here are 5 suggestions for what you can give to your Muslim friend.

1. Muslim Allah Necklace


Jewelry is always the right choice as a gift for a dear friend. It doesn’t have to symbolize luxury or be a status symbol. On the contrary, jewelry can give a completely different message. For example, your attachment to the Creator. According to Nano Jewelry, the Muslim Allah necklace can be the perfect gift for your dear Muslim friend. A beautifully designed necklace with a discreetly hidden inscription –  carries a deep message of devotion to the Almighty. Such a gift has a much greater value than the metal from which it is made. It is a gift that will last forever and be preserved for generations. Choosing such a gift, you will do a great honor to your Muslim friend by seeing that you respect his or her religious feelings.

2. Crescent-Shaped Pendant


Every nation and religion has symbols by which they are distinguished. In the Islamic world, it is a crescent moon – and the moon and star that the Turks have designated as their symbol of faith. The first such symbols are found in Muhammad’s followers after the year 622 of the Julian calendar. The crescent, or Arabic letter Nun, which is in the shape of a crescent – is an abbreviation of the Qur’an, God’s speech. The letter Nun is also the first letter of the Arabic sentence which means: Help from God. A crescent-shaped pendant will have a special meaning for each of your Muslim friends.

3. Muslim Traditional Clothing


Muslim clothing is characterized by a restrained cut. It is sewn from opaque materials and quite long. Still, modern designers offer girls a lot of interesting styles that allow you to look fashionable. Muslim women are not allowed to wear pants. Religious beliefs force them to wear dresses. Many models are made by hand – and are considered unique and very valuable in clothing collections. Today, there are several types of Muslim dresses like Abaya, Kaftan, Hijabs or Burka, each of which has certain characteristics. Jalabiya is a dress that can be casual – while Abaya is an elegant model in which she usually appears in public places.

4. Oriental Rug


It is an extraordinary fact that something so rich in colors, texture, pattern, and history blends completely imperceptibly into almost every decor. Carpets and oriental rugs are full of patterns that require courage – and yet they are somehow subtle and unobtrusive. They look nice placed over marble or wood or layered over some other carpet. This kind of gift is also very valuable and exudes the tradition and faith of your Muslim friend.

5. Hookah


Oriental origin, traditional look – a hookah can be a great gift. Your friend does not have to use a hookah but can keep it as a dear gift and a beautiful souvenir – reminiscent of traditional customs in Muslim culture. A hookah is not just a smoking device. A hookah is actually a moment in which you share a feeling of peace with the person you are sitting with and enjoy the aromatic scents that remind you of distant lands and ancient times.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a gift for loved ones is not always easy. Especially, when you have in mind someone’s religious feelings and affiliation. We hope we have helped you at least a little with advice – when it comes to gifts for your Muslim friends. Friendship and love know no boundaries, so spread the message of love in this way as well.